If you were going into a deep depression what would you do?

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    Vikas Malkani

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    Enjoy Humour: Laughter Can Be The Best Medicine

    There is increasing evidence that a good laugh can lift your mind and mood - and perhaps even give a healthy boost to your immune system. In fact, light-heartedness and humour are vital to flexible optimism. Humour can be a good defence against regret and perfectionism. Laughter softens harsh judgements and helps us accept our less-than-perfect selves in an often-unfair, always-changing world.

    Consciously choose to find more moments to enjoy a good laugh. An unexpected dose of humour can serve as a wonderful antidote to flashes of anger, frustration, annoyance and resentment. Even though chronic pessimists and hostile people may have difficulty seeking out and engaging in humorous moments, the attempt itself can prove very helpful to them.

    Use "Lessons Of The Heart" To Make Sense Of Bad Events

    While optimism is associated with a state of vigour under stress, there are many events in life that we cannot control or change. Sometimes when loss and pain are severe, optimism can be completely at odds with reality. In these situations, people become despondent, hopeless, depressed and ill. Yet in the same circumstances, other people continue to cope by accommodating themselves to the uncontrollable event or tragedy. "I learned what was really important in life," some of us say after a painful loss or a brush with death.

    To the extent that people can make sense of bad events - they can blunt their harmful effects. This is a strategy of seeking out the meaning and purpose in living through traumatic circumstances, trying to learn whatever we can from life's toughest hardships. Why did this happen? Why did it happen to me? How can this experience make me stronger or wiser or more compassionate or more tolerant or grateful for each moment from now on?

    Spend Time With Young Children

    One of the best pieces of advice may be to spend 5 minutes with young children. It's almost impossible to stay in a dark mood or be pessimistic for long if there are small children around you. So you might enjoy making it a habit to get down on the floor and spend five minutes - once a week, once a day or whenever you can -- eye-to-eye, talking and playing with a toddler or youngster who's still filled with laughter and wonder at life. The love and exuberance can be truly contagious.

    Enjoy "Breakaway Walks" And Other "Positive Distracters"

    Research now suggests that in many cases, a brief bout of exercise may lift moderate depression as effectively as psychotherapy, and it can raise self-esteem and optimism when nothing else seems to work.

    In some situations, you may gain similar benefits from positive self distraction - such as interrupting a mental or emotional downturn by standing near a sunny window, going outside for some deep breaths of fresh air, sipping a cup of your favourite tea, looking at a positive scene or day dreaming about something humorous.

    One reason that exercise or another positive focus shift can work well is that there are times when you simply won't be able to just think or talk yourself into healthier optimism. Often it's necessary to first get up and go through the motions of acting optimistically and then let your mood and thoughts catch up.

    Use Mind Images For Healing Power

    The ways you focus your mind, including your use of mental imagery - is an important factor in determining your health or illness. Mental imagery in healing and well-being is best known for its direct effects on physiology - stimulating changes in heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen consumption, brain wave rhythms and patterns, local blood flow and temperature, sexual arousal, levels of various hormones and neurotransmitters and immune system function. Mental imagery is an inner representation of a flow of thoughts you can envision, hear, feel, smell and taste. Imagery is a powerful factor in the way your mind codes, stores, expresses and recalls information and experiences. It is the language of the arts, the emotions and most important, of the deeper self. Imagery is a window on your inner world; a way of viewing your own ideas, feelings and interpretations. Mental imagery is not a panacea, however, rather it is a valuable personal tool, and not only for strengthening your resistance to illness and promoting healing but also for living the highest-quality life you possibly can.

    Take A "Depression Test" - And Get Help If You Need It

    Everyone feels sad or hopeless from time to time, although even during a down mood - sometimes referred to as common, everyday depression - most of us still feel some control over our emotions and realise that the sad feelings will eventually pass. But people with serious depression - often referred to as major depression or clinical depression - may feel that "a terrible heaviness and hopelessness has descended, which they are powerless to prevent or resist. The intensity of despair that some people can feel in serious depression goes far beyond the lows of normal life. It destroys the person's ability to continue in life's usual roles and can lead to utter confusion, mental paralysis, or the brink of suicide.

    If you are feeling blue, it does not mean that you are suffering from a serious, or clinical depression. Your feelings may be a normal, even healthy, reaction to a loss - at home or work. A key distinction is this: While the unhappiness of daily life or adjustment to a loss comes and goes the unhappiness of serious depression stays on. With normal unhappiness, for example, going for a walk or to the movies may cheer you up, at least temporarily. With clinical depression, even your favourite comedy movie or a walk through a beautiful park will leave you unmoved. All joy in life seems gone - and, day after day, it does not return. The first step in dealing with clinical depression is recognising that you have it. There are some helpful self-tests for doing just that. If you discover, or even suspect, that you may have some form of serious depression, you should immediately seek professional help.

    Say No To Empty "Pep Talks"

    Flexible optimists usually have one eye on reality - and they don't talk about how wonderful things are when in truth they are bad. Some men and women try to smile in the face of tragedies and difficulties and declare loud and clear that if every one would just "be positive" and everything will turn out fine. But, things do not turn out grand, because the big problems - when ignored - spread, and the small problems have a way of turning into big problems, too. And then things can really get out of control. A phony pep talk is usually the last thing needed. What may be needed is a leader who says, "We've got a mess on our hands, but if we all roll up our sleeves, we can do something about it."

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    1 decade ago

    I have hit those deep depressions and I would first talk to someone a friend, if you see a therapist, etc. Try to do something like go for a walk, go shop and just get out of the house. It always helps me to write. When I can write than I get what is in my head down on paper and it helps me to look at it better. I heard one time that our mind is like a bad neighborhood and we don't want to go in there alone. I found it to be very true. Be good to yourself and take care.

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    Remind myself, that nothing lasts forever, not even a depression no matter how long it seems to take before you get out on the "other side".

    Think about: Did you stay in the same state of mind for your whole life? The answer is no, because the state of mind changes all the time from all the impressions we experience.

    Besides that; avoid sugar and alcohol in silly amounts, It is gas to the fire. Exercise on the contrary is preventive!!

    Source(s): been there for a decade.. and it is getting better!!
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    I would go see a psychologist or go into the hospital; before you hurt yourself or you can't get out of bed. My mother suffers from major server depression and it's not good to stay home and try to ride it out. If you need to call a family member/friend and have them come get you and drive you where ever you need to go. Good luck and best wishes.

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    i would grt counseling. my fiance left me and i was deeply depressed about it but i got help, and the councelor hepled me to realize many things that would have destroyed to be not true or that his leaving me was not my fault. let a professional help you . you will be glad you did. depression never get better when you deal with it alone. you will feel worse and worse until you start thinking of killing yourself. dont hur or be depressed anyomre. Ask God for help too pray to him and tell him all aobut your troubles. he will make you happy again.

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    I'd find the best therapist possible as quickly as possible. You owe it to yourself to get help...you will feel better soon. Feeling this way is NOT permanent & it will pass - with the help of an experienced counselor who understands you. Get help...soon. You deserve it.

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    call your physician and get help. I totally understand that the depression immobilizes you, but try and get help. You don't want to take the chance of it going further.

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    Seek help imediately from friends and family members. It can get much worse if you try to ignore it.

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    1 decade ago

    I would work on the cause instead of medication.....depends on what is troubling you....talk to someone first

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