?Advice for Diabetic Lancet Device?

I want to purchase a lancet device with the internet. Which one? I'd like to use alternate sites other than fingers and probably would require a lower number gauge needle.

Would anyone help me by, giving reviews of different brands and possible where it was purchased.


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    1 decade ago
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    Frankly, I have found they are all about the same. I have used several different blood glucose monitoring systems and the lancet refills fit them all, so it really does not matter. Right now I am using the least expensive Wal-Mart brand and the $8.88 monitor and I find it is as good as the really expensive FreeStyle set I have and maybe even better.

    I found the FreeStyle (I spent so much money on) does not really work on other sites and I am okay with using the fingers.

    I think the price you pay is not necessarily what you get.

    This is the one I used and it's great


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    Most lancet devices use a depth adjustment, rather than gauge number changes to achieve the desired effect, I use an Ascensia Microlet myself, which has 5 depth settings

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    As far as I know you can only use the sides of the finger pads and toes for testing & as annoying as the fingers can be the toes are worse specially if you're on your knees a lot.

    The accu-chek compact machine comes with a jabber that you can set the power it jabs the skin 1 being softest to 5 which is really hard (and hurts lol), it costs £15 and is available from most chemists (I got mine from Boots).

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    Try Accu-Chek they have many different kinds. I like testing on the sides of my fingers because it doesn't scar like needle tracks of a dope addict. Mine was provided by my health plan but you can purchase them anywhere even online.

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