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problems with internet explorer 7?

when i download internet explorer 7 from updates the font on most of my net pages are unclear and not sharp. anyone else finding the same problem and how can i sort it?

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    You only need to do a search on here to see how many people are having problems with IE7. The best thing to do is download Mozilla Firefox available from Its faster, more user friendly, easily customisable to suit your needs and no problems.

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    This question cropped up several weeks ago and a lot of people were complaining about explorer 7 and have now uninstalled the new programme because of various problems.

    I prefer the old explorer 6 so this is what was advised.

    Start>settings>control panel>add/remove programmes and show updates>click to remove explorer 7>close control panel and restart your computer it will revert back to explorer 6. Good Luck....... I hope this helps.

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    If you are using a TFT screen to get a better type font on the screen you will need to change Windows to view clear fonts.

    RightClick Desktop - Properties - Appearence - Effects and then set the font type to Clear Type.

    Source(s): Expereince of type faces in Windows.
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    You can go abck to the older version at the bottom of your bar by the start button. Or you can just download the FIREFOX which works better then any other one I believe.

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    Try to check the encoding of the IE. Is it Unicode UTF-8 or some other format. I suspect may be that one is the cause.

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    Yup, I had the same issue. I simply didn't reinstall IE 7 when I formatted my pc last time around, and will not install it until I absolutely have to .... what an awful program.

  • jinz
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    No. Lots of people complaining about IE7, but I've been using it on a couple of different comps and it's fine.

    I prefer it.

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    i guess u need to restore the settings

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