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Was there really a big car crash in 1954 that invlolved a Hudson Hornet?

On the Cars movie, Doc mentions to Lightning a big crash of '54. Did that actually happen?

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    In 1954 Hudson merged with Nash and nascar rules outlawed orphaned cars from the track. Between '51 and '54 Hornets were winning 2/3 s or more of nascar races.Before the Hudson was outlawed, nascar tried to give other cars a chance by restricting the Twin H carbs and making them use a single 2 barrel carb.,but almost half of the nascar winners were still a Hornet . NASCAR EVENTUALLY MADE UP THE ORPHANED CAR RESTRICTION AND OUTLAWED THE HORNET FROM THE TRACK . Amazingly , the Hornet was a straight 6 cylinder racing against higher horse power V8s made by the big three's '(GMC,FORD,and CHRYSLER ) and $$$$ . Nascar historians blamed the Hornets advantage to the Hornets low center of gravity and ability to take corners faster . Truth is if you watch old videos,the Hornet slowed down just like the other cars ,but was able to accelerate faster and pass cars after the turns. The Hudson Hornets secret was a long stroke, high compression six cil. engine that had maximum horse power and torque at low to mid range rpms.The other cars had more horse power but at high rpms ,thus coming around the corner , the larger v8s didn't have maximum horse power until it got it's rpms up . Even though the Hornet was outlawed from nascar in '54 ,people who new of its torque and horse power at mid range rpms were able to do well in stock drag racing still against big v8s up untill the late 60's . Hudson Essex and Teraplanes were also big winners of up hill races in the 20's and 30's.I guess the orphaned car rule is no longer in effect because Hudson merged with Nash and became American Motors Corp. which was bought out by Chrysler who merged with Renault and finally bought out by MERCEDES !!

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    Fabulous Hudson Hornet

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    I don't think there was a crash in 1954 involving a Hudson Hornet. It is just fiction.

    Although, their was a stock market crash in October of 1929 and the decade-long Depression that followed hit Hudson particularly hard.

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    Look to Keith C and Mark B for your answer.... Yes, in 1987, Chrysler bought AMC and also would acquire all names, products and properties owned by the former American Motors Corp. This would include the Jeep brand name, the Eagle name, and any other names that were copywrited and/or owned by AMC.... So, in effect, Chrysler (later merged with Daimler to form DaimlerChrysler (DCX)) would own the rights AND the history of AMC, and all of AMC's former subsidiaries... They have every right to claim said ownership (and history) of the name... Even though DCX no longer produces Plymouths, they still own the rights to that name, as well as the names of the products that were attributed to the Plymouth names, as long as the names were copywrited at the time.... And as the toy car is made overseas and we all know that the translations to English from Chinese, Japanese and other Asian languages is far from easy, as has been shown in multiple e-mail and blog postings over the years... As the car is probably being created by the toy company because of the Disney/Pixar movie "Cars", in which a major character is a Hudson (Doc Hudson), that explains why it may be happening... Also, I do believe that Chrysler MAY have sold a Hornet named vehicle - however it may have well been overseas... In Australia and New Zealand, for example, you will find different names applied down there... There may well have been an oveseas "Chrysler Hornet"... And one other bit of advice - be careful of the leaps you make in life... Licensing of names is an interesting business.... You'd be surprised to find how many things you may have with "Brand X" on them that never were made, considered or created by Brand X.... Instead, they license the logo/name/image to the product and get money for nothing.... And your hatred of DaimlerChrysler is fairly apparent...

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    No, but the Doc's build was a dedication to Marshall Teague and Herb Thomas' Fabulous Hudson Hornet team.

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    No there was not a specific crash but a hudson hornet could have crashed racing.

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    Yes, it did!

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