Marijuana Interactions?

What interactions have you noticed with marijuana and prescriptions you take?

I can't ever find reliable information on this and I find it rather disgusting that doctors and pharmacists aren't willing to discuss it more given the medicinal uses.

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    Please read the Homeopathic Proving of CANNABIS INDICA taken from the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicine. By Dr William Boericke MD, you will learn a lot about its medicinal uses when used in Homeopathic potency :-



    Inhibits the higher faculties and stimulates the imagination to a remarkable degree without any marked stimulation of the lower or animal instinct. A condition of intense exaltation, in which all perceptions and conceptions, all sensations and all emotions are exaggerated to the utmost degree.

    Subconscious or dual nature state. Apparently under the control of the second self, but, the original self, prevents the performance of acts which are under the domination of the second self. Apparently the two natures cannot act independently, one acting as a check, upon the other (Effects of one Dram doses by Dr. Albert Schneider).

    The experimenter feels ever and anon that he is distinct from the subject of the hashish dream and can think rationally.

    Produces the most remarkable hallucinations and imaginations, exaggeration of the duration of time and extent of space, being most characteristic. Conception of time, space and place is gone. Extremely happy and contented, nothing troubles. Ideas crowd upon each other. Has great soothing influence in many nervous disorders, like epilepsy, mania, dementia, delirium tremens, and irritable reflexes. Exophthalmic goitre. Catalepsy.

    Mind.--Excessive loquacity; exuberance of spirits. Time seems too long; seconds seem ages; a few rods an immense distance. Constantly theorizing. Anxious depression; constant fear of becoming insane. Mania, must constantly move. Very forgetful; cannot finish sentence. Is lost in delicious thought. Uncontrollable laughter. Delirium tremens. Clairvoyance. Emotional excitement; rapid change of mood. Cannot realize her identity, chronic vertigo as of floating off.

    Head.--Feels as if top of head were opening and shutting and as if calvarium were being lifted. Shocks through brain (Aloe; Coca). Uræmic headache. Throbbing and weight at occiput. Headache with flatulence. Involuntary shaking of head. Migraine attack preceded by unusual excitement with loquacity.

    Eyes.--Fixed. Letters run together when reading. Clairvoyance. Spectral illusions without terror.

    Ears.--Throbbing, buzzing, and ringing. Noise like boiling water. Extreme sensitiveness to noise.

    Face.--Expression drowsy and stupid. Lips glued together. Grinding of teeth in sleep. Mouth and lips dry. Saliva thick, frothy, and sticky.

    Stomach.--Increased appetite. Pain at cardiac orifice; better, pressure. Distention. Pyloric spasm. Sensation of extreme tension in abdominal vessels-feel distended to bursting.

    Rectum.--Sensation in anus as if sitting on a ball.

    Urinary.--Urine loaded with slimy mucus. Must strain; dribbling; has to wait some time before the urine flows. Stitches and burning in urethra. Dull pain in region of right kidney.

    Male.--After sexual intercourse, backache. Oozing of white, glairy mucus from glans. Satyriasis. Prolonged thrill. Chordee. Sensation of swelling in perineum or near anus, as if sitting on a ball.

    Female.--Menses profuse, dark, painful, without clots. Backache during menses. Uterine colic, with great nervous agitation and sleeplessness. Sterility (Borax). Dysmenorrhœa with sexual desire.

    Respiratory.--Humid asthma. Chest oppressed with deep, labored breathing.

    Heart.--Palpitation awakes him. Piercing pain, with great oppression. Pulse very slow (Dig; Kalmia; Apocyn).

    Extremities.--Pain across shoulders and spine; must stoop; cannot walk erect. Thrilling through arms and hands, and from knees down. Entire paralysis of the lower extremities. Pain in soles and calves; sharp pains in knees and ankles; very exhausted after a short walk.

    Sleep.--Very sleepy, but unable to do so. Obstinate and intractable forms of insomnia. Catalepsy. Dreams of dead bodies; prophetic. Nightmare.

    Modalities.--Worse, morning; from coffee, liquor and tobacco; lying on right side. Better from fresh air, cold water, rest.

    Relationship.--Bellad; Hyoscy; Stram; Laches; Agaric; Anhalon (time sense disordered; time periods enormously overestimated, thus, minutes seem hours, etc).

    I hope the provided information is of help to you

    Take Care and God Bless you !

    Source(s): Homeopathic Practitioner
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    So far I have not found anything that mixes bad with it. I take ibuprofen on a daily bases and mixed with MJ is good for it makes me eat something.

    I replaced the pain meds with the marijuana so I do not have to take both, so far.

    I have another pill which I quit taking it is for ADHD strattera. Since quitting that drug and going to the marijuana I do not have terrible migraines all the time like I did.

    MJ with the ibuprofen is supposed to be a double whammy of inflammatory. According to a British paper I read there is a natural inflammatory in MJ. I have read where there is supposed to be a spray coming out over there soon.

    Anyhoo I have been on MJ for four- five months now with no noticeable side effects. It has done more good for me then bad.I have not had a break through seizure with MJ, and sleeping! I had been told that I will have to use more and more MJ as time goes by but I have not noticed this. I take it when I need to and that is that. I also do not drive on it.

    If you are not legal get legal. Not hard to do if that is you have years of medical paperwork behind you.

    The medical community is not going to put out papers of this because I feel the pharmaceutical companies can not dip there hands into the gazillions of $$ they make off of the other kinds of meds. We all know doctors and these pharmaceutical companies work hand in hand.

    Wow it sounds as if there still is much ignorance surrounding the use of MJ. Some states more and more are getting onto legalizing this for medical use. Go to search engine and type in medical marijana....this stuff is not mixed!

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    No studies have been conducted on drug interactions with marijuana, but you can look up Marinol (oral THC) interactions. However, marijuana does have a lot of things that Marinol, pure THC, does not have, like formaldehyde.

    The general medical opinion on the placement of marijuana in standard treatments, if legal, would place it as 3rd or 4th line because of side effects and the fact it's believed to be a carcinogen.

    Any excuse for medical marijuana is going to evaporate soon. An inhaled form of THC is in trials now, and any reasoning that inhaled THC is better than the stomach absorbed Marinol, and so, regular marijuana should be used, will disappear.

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    The reason you can't find reliable info, is that the way it is used, smoking whatever is currently available, or cooking it into brownies or cookies, delivers no measured dosage. Any pot heads out there can tell you that the affects can vary for any number of reasons.

    This does not make for good medical sense and the results will be unpredictable for any medical use. The doctors and the pharmicists are not to blame.

    How are they to discuss the benifits of the various types when there is no clear evidence on what you may have available to you at any given time.

    Believe me....I would love to see marijuana legalized for medical use, for personal use, and for growing ones own, but There are problems with standardization and with testing for current under the influence (rather than sometime in the last 30 days) before we can make true progress in this regard. Up untill about 20 years ago, I would regularly use the weed for relief of PMS. Then it became difficult to find unadulterated herb from reliable sources. Now I am in perimenopause and I believe that I could get relief from some AliceB Toklas brownies but I have to tuff it out. So it goes. I'm not hitting the streets to get mess contaminated with other drugs.

    Your doctors and pharmicists don't tell you squat because they have nothing to tell you.

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    the only application ( medically speaking ) for marijuana is too avoid nausea... when you go through chimo, or other hard prescription drug that cause nausea... and has far as i know... patient smoke it without any secondary effect... although.. i'm no specialist, but this is common knowledge... but, if you mix tcp ( witch is the active ingredient in marijuana) with other drugs... well, good luck... in the sixties... people where into experimenting... and look what's happening in the world right now.. these are the people in charge!!!! soo.... do you want to be like this ???

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    well, combine it with birth control pills and you can bleed midcycle.

    Source(s): there are also drug books you can look at and it has every street drug interaction known.....
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