Cinder Block or Concrete Block home plans?

I have a piece of land and have seen homes build out of nothing but cinder/concrete blocks. It looks like they use wood and tin for the roofs. Does anyone know where there are some basic plans or can offer some advice before I put a concrete slab for the fountation and start stacking?

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    Take a gander at your local Lowe's or Home depot. There is always all kinds of books on the matter up by the check out counter. Plans for anything and everything you may need. Not to fond of concrete floors tho, cold in the winter. Hard to perform maintenance years down the road.

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    Cinder block and concrete block are the same. The use of it depends on the Building Code of the region (city) where the property is located: If you are in a city or town where hurricanes or tornadoes take place seasonally, the use of blocks give you a much stronger construction than wood to support the forces of the wind; you might loose the roof, but the exterior walls have better chance to survive, also you benefit from its fire Resistance. HIRE AN ARCHITECT.

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    I would not under any circumstance(maybe if they were free I might)use cinder block...The house is bitter cold in the winter. There is no insulation in the walls and concrete conducts cold. I can not stop the moisture from wicking inside. It just my humble opinion that anything is better than block

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    Cinder Block Home Plans

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    if you cant go poured always go cinder

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