Name suggestions for an aspiring author?

I like to keep a list of names handy for when I have trouble thinking of one for a character. Sadly, my list has began to dwindle lately. What are some of your favoite names?

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    Some of my favorite names are:

    Ainsley, Maya, Piper, Phoebe, Chloe, Evelyn, Annabelle, Presley, Miranda, Shaye, Chesley, Sydney, Ella, Lilly, Brooklyn, Isabella, Kennedy, Claire, Sophia, Martina, Paige, Devon, Elise, Eliana, and Ryann.

    Chase, Parker, Brody, Braeden, Isaac, Levi, Peyton, Cody, Bennett, Ben, Carter, Gavin, Mario, Nicholas, Matteo, Myles, Hunter, Blake, Bryce, Quinn, Max, Owen, Milo, Sam, Gage, Liam, Logan, Ryan, Noah, Eli, Caleb, Silas, and Shane.

    Last names I like are Hunter, Donovan, McGregor, Collins, Levy, Marshall, Owens, Carras, Hamilton, McPeak, Calloway, Conoway, and Hollingsworth.

    Hope these help you out some!

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    Margrite, Pearl, Alabaster, Domica, Yamatah, Djuniba, London, Marcy, Africa, Jenah, Montoya, Alice, Sonya


    Simon, Philip, Peter, Mourice, Johnston, Gustav, Bergack, Antony, Keaton, Donavan


    Fasd, Xioping, Langkton, Srtomschof, Dreng-Lu, Mao, Chin, Smithison, Yang, Ali, Cyrano, Boistchef, Lopez, Medina, Gregorio, Schwarzenegger

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    It really depends on the period and setting in which you are writing. If it is in the past or fantasy then the names can be more unusual.

    Some of my favorites are:

    Kelly (Kelley for man) any Kelly I have encountered is usually a strong character

    Ayla (because I admire Auel's character so much)

    Willow (something misterious and soft)

    Rory or Rauri (good for characters who are under 25 and learning about life. Very "now")

    Salina (exotic)

    Neil (could be many characters...all equally exciting. Could be protagonist or antagonist)

    Madison (another name to fit many characters)

    Katerina (great name and is good for weaving nicknames into story to enhance character relationships)

    Nicholas (every Nick seems to be striving to outgrow or overcome something. They usually have something to prove.)

    Isabella (something refined and elegant. Could use nickname with Isabella as true name. Imply elegance under wild-child or impetuous behavior)

    It seem I have come up with a list of predominately female names. I guess I prefer a heroine or at least a female lead. I always find it easier to write a male character after picturing who the females in their lives would be. I wonder what their mother was like and who would love them. Often I picture their female partner in my mind and then I find the name comes quite easily to me.

    I match the name to the character. Sometimes I am quite a distance into a piece of writing before the character reveals his or her true name to me. I find my writing is much better this way. If you set out writing about John then you are limited by what you think "John" would or could do. Instead, try writing a character and then see if your character acts more like an Aiden or a Dominic, perhaps an Ethan. I think if you stop for a moment you will realize that with each of these names you are picturing a different person or character in your head.

    (On a side note this has made me think of parenting and I wonder if we change who children grow up to be by naming them how we do. That is an interesting thought and one which will occupy me for a little while. Thanks for the inspiration!)

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    My fav names for girls: Fiona, Ramona, Romy

    boys: John, Ryan, Darcy, Blair, Simon, Nigel, Ty Rodney,

    Last Names: McLean, Brown, Rossignol, Finch, Pemberton, Wells, Carver, Beech, Andrews

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    Invest in a book of baby names. For surnames, a random flip through the white pages might be useful.

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    I do the same thing. My favorites are:

    Women: Chase, Blake, Avery, Perri, Ferris,

    Men: Dominic, Zac, Alex, Dante, Ian

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    Boys: Kane, Brian, Aiden, Keith

    Girls: Serena, Kayla, Aly, Sherry

    If you ever run out of names, has generators for names, just to let you know.

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