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Is it normal for a tortoise to wag his tail?

I've noticed that my Russian tortoise sometimes wags his tail while he is walking. Is this normal and does he do it cause he is excited? I usually let him walk around in the house, but my mom tripped out when she saw him walking and his little tail was wagging side to side like a dog. She thinks maybe something is wrong with him since he doesn't do it all the time. Do you think she is right, is something wrong with my tortoise?

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    No, it is not normal. Is your puppy missing? I think he ate it.

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    Wagging is normal in tortoises. Part of it is the mechanics of walking.

    As far as we know, it is not a signal of happiness- signs like that are usually designed to be seen or heard by others in the group, and tortoises would usually do a head bob or push-ups.

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    I have an African Sulcata Tortoise and he wags his tail. I dont think anythings wrong with him but if you want to be sure you should call your vet.

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    If he does it when he is walking then his leg might be making his tail wag,Or ur tortoise is content or happy.

    Source(s): A Vet
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    I have a sulcata tortoise that does that but the only reason why he does it is because he is going to take a big dump.

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    Nothings wrong with him. That is a normal part of moving around for him.

    Source(s): Wilde Ideas Reptile specialist
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    he is happy. its normal dont worry

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    it is completly normal

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