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Switching phones??

I have a Nokia 6015 phone with Cellular South and I want to keep my service with them, but I would like to put my number on my new Nokia 6235i. How do you that without going to Cellular South?

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    What ever phone company you wish to go with, ask them to 'port' your number to their service.

    Or tell them you want to keep your number, and they will do that for you.

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    Port the number to that phone it is perfectly easy if you go to the store that has Cellular South agents.

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    Cellular South is A CDMA provider and the phones are CDMA. If you want to use your new phone, you will have to call them, they will deactivate your old phone and add the new one to their system.

    If Cellular South was a GSM provider, then all you would have had to do is switch sims. Again, since they are CDMA, you will have to call


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    If they use that model, usually it's just a matter of changing the chip from one phone to another. No big deal.

    Like I said, if they use that model, they'll probably change the chip for you for nothing. You take the back off the phone, take the chip out and put it into the other phone.

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    try going online and doing it or by phone.

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