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Architectural Engineering PE Exam?

I am planning to take the Architectural Engineering PE exam. For preparation, I have found only one referene book "Principles and Practice of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Sample Questions and Solutions" by AEI. Are there any other good review books out there for Architectural Engineering PE exam?

I am not trained as a architectural engineer. I have a BS in Ocean Engineering and a MS in Architecture, and have been working in building engineering field for a while.

Any advices are appreciated.

Thanks a lot


I have been working under PEs for six years now. I have passed my EIT and am preparing for PE exam.

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    1 decade ago
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    As far as my understanding goes you can not even apply to take a PE exam until you have worked under a PE for a minimum of 5 years. Also you need to pass the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam or called the EIT, Engineer in Training. There are a lot of books to prep you for that test but it is not an easy test, there are also prep classes offered at most local universities. Not 100% sure if this applies to your field but it does to me in Electrical Engineering. Hope it helps.

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