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What are some good horse hays?

I know that alfalfa is good for them, but what else can you use?

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    Alfalfa is really rich. I definitely wouldn't use it for ponies as they tend to get fatter easier than horses. If too much alfalfa is given the horse can founder just like they can on too much green grass. We feed fescue hay and our horses are very healthy, it's also a lot less expensive than alfalfa, it's usually about $3.50 a bale (square bale). Our vet recommends it. Talk to your vet about a type of hay that would be good for your horse. I hope this helps, good luck!

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    It really depends on what is available in your area and what you use your horse for. We live in the middle of alfalfa country and we breed horses and show mostly halter, so the high protein and calcium content in alfalfa works very well for us. It is a common misconception that alfalfa causes problems with colic and founder. Any kind of hay can cause problems if you don't feed your horse a balanced diet.

    Alfalfa is a legume hay. Grass hays include prairie hay, timothy, bermuda, and brome. Each one had different nutritional content and even among like hays the nutrient content can change based on where it is grown and how it is grown and cultivated.

    The best thing you can do is to call your local county extention agent or find an equine nutritionist. They can help you build a proper feeding program for your horse based on its breed, age, use, and the hays available in your area.

    No matter what kind of hay you chose make sure that it is weed and mold free, with very little stems and it should have a good smell and color to it. Hay should always be fed free choice due to a horse's digestive tract is meant to graze all day long. Feeding a horse only a couple large meals per day can wreak havok on its stomach and cause colic.

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    alfalfa hay is very rich and can cause the runs, weight gain and colic if fed to horses that aren't used to such a rich diet. a timothy/alfalfa mix is what we feed our horses and it is a good balance for them. sometimes we feed just timothy but we give some extra because it's not as rich as the mix. timothy is more of a plain hay that's good for most any horse. it doesn't really aggrivate stomachs or cause weight problems. it's a good all around hay if you're feeding multiple ages, sizes and breeds. it also tends to be much cheaper than pure alfalfa

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    alfalfa is good hay yes, but very expensive. timothy grass is good as well. stay away from hay with fescue it'll make some horses sick. If the horse is pregnant it'll abort the colt. If there is sour dock in the hay it'll make the milk poison and kill the colt when born. Not to freak you out or anything try to go to a farmer who when selling the hay knows what was in his field and what is in the hay bail that you are buying.

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    Alphalfa causes agitation so be careful with it. You might try just good ol' grass hay. Grass hay and spring grass are not the same. Spring grass can cause laminitis. Grass hay does not.

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    Timothy grass hay is pretty popular i hear.

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    alfalfa, and clover

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