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What songs do you like by Bowling For Soup?

I've already got:





Girl All The Bad Guys Want

I Melt With You

Ohio (Come Back To Texas)

Punk Rock 101

Stacey's Mom

The B*tch Song and

Highschool Never Ends.

Did I miss anything? BFS is so funny; I wouldn't doubt that there's a hilarious song that didn't make it onto radio.


Oops, thanks Mike_D for letting me know that. So take Stacey's Mom off that list.

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    Out of the ones you haven't listed, I like Life After Lisa, Surf Colorado, and Out the Window. Almost all the songs on Drunk Enough to Dance are good ones, but those are my favorites.

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    Bowling for Soup does not sing "Stacey's Mom". That is done by Fountains of Wayne

    I like "Almost" and "1985"

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    almost, ohio, punk rock 101, high school never ends, life after lisa

    running from your dad

    yeah bfs rocks! lol

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    1985 is my favorite by them.

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