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i want my face to glow too...?

I see all this make up artists when they have their make up on ...their face glows...and ppl that get their make up done by a profesional...and i cant seem to do that myself :( i read a lot about make up and tips but it doesent seem to be doin the trick...what you think? can you give me a step by step how to apply my make up or just few tips? :)

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    Hey, Im a make up artist and I know exactly wat u mean. But the trick to glowing skin is not sumink expensive is actually very CHEAP!!!! Heres how (deep breath)

    1. Cleanse and moisturize, go for a hydrating moisturizer or u will end up with a cracked face by the end of the day.

    2. W8 bout 5-15 mins after moisturizing. Den blot off excess wid a large piece of tissue. The longer u w8 da better result.

    3. Apply a pink hilighter all over ur face, neck and anywhere els u got skin showing i.e. legs cleavage etc.

    4. Take a brown eyeliner and line the top eyelid close to lashes, smudge with an eyeshadow applicator.

    5. Apply burgundy eyeshadow with a brush. This colour suits any1 so dont worry bout eye, hair, skin colour.

    6.apply from crease to eyeliner, and under eye making a slight circle around ur eye with the eyeshadow.

    7. Apply gold eyeshadow (cream is best but powder will do also) to ur browbone (directly under eyebrow)

    8. Apply a pink/brown blusher (whichever suits u best) to ur cheek apples and temples. Only a light dusting cos hilighter tends to really bring out the colour.

    9. Apply black mascara to ur top lashes only. for fuller lash look apply a second coat of mascara before the first is dry.

    10. Finish with a shimmer lipstick, or for a day in the sun or a job interview go for a nude lip pencil. VOILA!!! ur look is complete.

    If u need any help wid dis email me

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    It is your lucky day. I have the answer for you. Try Ultima II Glowtion. The first day I put it on my co worker said to me. Your skin is actually glowing what did you do. I told her about the product and she went out and bought it!!!

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    Bronzer is great for giving that glowing/shimmer effect!

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    try mixing a little bit of bronzer into your daily should work.. :)

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