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Was a love scene with Jennifer Hutson and Jamie Foxx edited out of the ending?

I remember seeing commercials with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hutson in bed. Jamie's lying there with no shirt on, and Jennifer comes up and hugs him from behiind like she just woke up or something. She has her 80s curl hairdo that she has in the latter part of Dream girls, so I was waiting to see it near the end--but I never saw it. what's the deal? Did anyone else notice this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well i dont remember seeing that commercial but i miss a lot of commercials! but they do that a lot with movies these days...from what i kno of! i kno i see a lot of movies and waiting for a part in the commercial to come but it never does!!! but the only time i remember jamie in bed is when he was with beyonce!!! so yea, what you saw in the commercial must be a deleted scene!!!

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