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I'm getting a Shih Tzu and I need good names!?

But... I need a good name for him. All I know is that he is a he and is black/white. They were born December 7th and I'm getting it in the begining of Feburary. I Need names.

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    call it dusty!

    i love that name on little dogs. or...



    pea green (don't know where i thought that up from!)





    spot, or spottie,




    good luck finding a name, and good luck with your dog!

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    Brody, Pepper, Sharpie, Flake, Tommy, King, Shortie, Buddy..

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    there is a little black/white shitzu in the apartment below us named Bailey...and it fits...

    I also like:



    U may want to wait until u see him and a name may come to u as soon as u see his markings...

    Oh I met someone with a dog named "Asker" before...was a riot at parties..anyone who would ask what the dogs name was would be boggled when the reply was "Asker"..but seems u are getting a male it could be "Askem"..tee hee :)

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    hi , how about Bandit, Jake,Shiza,Gazza,Zoot,Chip, but seeing i am an Australian i also like the names okka and Aussie, nearly all my pets are named after race horses or racing greyhounds and it is wise to keep whatever name you pick to keep it short. Enjoy your new puppy

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    Tobee or Toby Lilo or Bebop

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    How about Tom, Oreo, Cookie, Max, Billy, Rover, or killer hope I helped

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    I was going to give a few others, but I jus Love Sake!!

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    my mom has a shih tzu also and her name is Mitzi

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    Sake (sockie) like the Japanese drink

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