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What do you think this song means...??

ok well I heard it on umm... MTV After Hours or something like that... me and my sister loved it, it`s soooo sad. But it made me realize that this happens EVERY DAY! well watch the video! it`s like my new favorite song!

It`s called Runaway Love by Ludacris. I`m not sure if Mary J. Blige is telling them to runaway. I know what it`s talking about.. but not what Mary J. Blige is trying to tell them.

What do you think it means?

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    It leaves me with a mass suicide kind of feeling. How and where else can we all run away at the same time.

    It is hard to believe that some people live like that (home is hell) I wish there was a place people could go to get away, but it is just a cold uncaring world out there.

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    She is trying to say no one should ever have to put up with physical or emotional abuse, to run away and tell someone.

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