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What does the term "We do not accept unsolicited material" mean in record label terms?

What does 'unsolicited' mean and how do I get my demos SOLICITED?

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    i think it means they want music from people with agents, you can't just send in a random tape of music. i

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    solicited means invited. If it's unsolicited, that means no one has told this record label that they can make lots of money from it. God forbid they actually make a decision on their own and give a starving artist the attention that they may or may not deserve.

    The only way to have your demos solicited is to play lots of shows and get a following. If someone from the label likes you and your music, they will solicit you. It's a sad reality, but just making a demo tape just isn't enough these days.

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    That basically means they will not accept demos that are dropped off or sent in the mail. You would have to try and set up a meeting with someone at the company. For legal reasons, the material has to be solicited. Otherwise, people could sue saying they sent in a demo and one of the label's artists stole the music.

    I had a famous director speak at my college once and he said that if anyone tries to hand him a script they wrote, he just puts his hands up and says "I can't take that."

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    I believe it means that a record company won't take a demo from someone unless they actually ask for it. If you were to send in "unsolicited" demos they would most likely end up in the garbage can.

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    Unsolicited means that they don't want people sending them song lyrics etc, without them asking for them first. To get around this, get in contact w/ someone at the label as a friend or something unrelated (charity etc) and use them as an in.

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    It means that they don't want wannabe rockstars and musicians sending demo tapes. You need to get an agent or a manager who will submit for you (thus making them "solicited" as opposed to "unsolicited.")

    I'm an actor, so I face the same difficulties when it comes to sending headshots/resumes.

    Good luck to you!

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    You may not get them 'solicited' with labels that have sent you that message. It simply means they are not accepting unrequested demos.

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    It means they don't want demos unless they ask you for them first. Don't know how to get them to ask you. Suggest you try an agent.

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    It means if you send them a demo that they didn't ask for, they throw it in the trash.

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    To get them "solicited" you need to get an agent. The agent will use his connections to get your recordings into the hands of someone who will listen to it, who, then, if they like it, will forward it to a producer.

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