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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Navy cross training?

IS it possible to go for one job (rating), then after 4 years switch and do another? I wouldn't mind being an EOD for 4 years then cross and do Crypto- Networking

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    Another detail is the idea of cross-rating only if you are going "up". In other words, if you were set at one rating, but wanted to go to a rating that was ranked lower by the Navy, they would not let you do that. However, if you wished to cross-rate into a "higher" ranked or level rating, they would look at the need for both your current rating and the rating in question. If the needs are greater in your current rating, then they will most likely not let you out. However, if the need is greater in the othre rating, you are more likely to get the switch.

    My cousin was originally an SK, but became an MAA. While I was in, I could not cross-rate since I was a ET Nuke.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Okay here's the deal the navy has this thing called CREO groups. Basically it tells you which rates are overmanned (3), at appropriate manning (2), or undermanned (1). What this means is that you cannot transit from a CREO 1 or 2 rate to a CREO 3 rate. Or even possibly between a CREO 1 to CREO 2. But if you choose a rate that allows you to switch you must also meet the requirements for that rate such as ASVAB, not have been in trouble, etc. Oh yea you can't do EOD for just 4 years i believe the minimum to go thru the training is a five or six year contract.

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  • huenke
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    4 years ago

    Ahhhh the CTN fee. I bear in concepts as quickly as I first heard of it some years back and it replaced into invite in basic terms. I dont be attentive to approximately now as I have been given out in 2005 yet you could consistently attempt :) a greater effectual question is why could you pick for to pass fee to CTN after blowing up stuff. i be attentive to it style of looks like those EOD adult men in no way did something on my deliver :P

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes you can change your MOS but there is a catch. Usually in order to switch the MOS you are moving to has to be a critical one, ie.... they need more people to fill slots because of a shortage. You can also use your re-enlistment as bargaining chip.

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