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What do I say to relative with cancer tumor?

My father who lives in another state just emailed everybody that he has a tumor in the kidney. He will have cat scan to see if it has spread tomorrow. He only wants emails because he has severe pains from polymyalgia. I'm always at a loss for words, so what can I or should I say? We've always been on good terms. Thanks.

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    That you'll pray for him, and that you know everything will work out for him.

    Try to get him not to worry too much, mental stress can aggravate conditions.

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    hi,sorry to hear about your father,my husband has brain cancer and it is not curable,we don't know how mush time he has left,he is only 36 and it is very hard on me and the kids.all i can say to you is be there for him ,say all the things you ever wanted to say to him,love him and let him know you will be ok if the worst happens.let him talk about it if he wants and don't be afraid to laugh and smile as these are the things that matter.

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    My Father had a brain tumor. We always talked openly about it. Don't pretend it's not there, or talk it to death.

    You could always say what's in your heart, scare, sad, etc. That would be very meaningful.

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    Be supportive but strong. Don't cry or act pathetic. Talk as you usually would with bit more understanding for his condition. I thinking of you.....or do you remember when we where....

    or, anything which could move away his thoughts off.....

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    DO NOT- say everything will be okai, because you do not know this. tell him that you are there for him and that if needs anything to ask. he does not want to be a pity case but he wants to know that if he needs you, your there.

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    Say: "I love you". Then ask your dad what he would like to talk about.

    Best wishes and good luck.

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