Do you think you should involve your kids with taking down the christmas tree?

My 5 yr old daughter went to her grandmother's house for the night. Do you think it matters if she were here or not? I dont want to leave her out of anything, but Im ready to get rid of it.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you're ready to get rid of it, go ahead and get rid of it. I don't think any kid feels hurt and left out just because they weren't there to take the tree down. It's the putting up that's the fun part.

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    I think it is part of the family tradition in our house. Everyone helped put the ornaments on, so all of us take them off together. Kids this age love to help out, and this is something she can do with little help from an adult. I also think that taking down the tree helps to return the house to "normal", and for children, that is important.

    Source(s): preschool teacher for 14 years
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    Did you tell her that you might do this? Does she get upset if she doesn't get to participate in these kinds of things? I know my daughter, who is 6, would be upset, but that's my daughter.

    Maybe take it down but save some other things for her to help you put away (the stockings or other decorations) or save some of her favorite ornaments for her to pack away when she gets back.

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    I think you should involve your children as much as possible. Have them take down and wrap the ornaments while you do the more difficult task such as removing the lights so they don't get reeaallly tangled!

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  • 1 decade ago

    my children helped me take it down and out it up and they are 2 and 4

  • 1 decade ago

    if it's dry, GET IT OUT NOW!!!!!! She's young enough not to think that much about it...

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