i know to where the lung is located i know it's in u but is located behind woman left beast?

find me a site k peace out


is it closer to your front or more to back

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    There are two lungs. So, yes, one is located behind the left breast, on both men and women. But there's one behind the right breast too.

    There are some diagrams and pictures on this site:


    In answer to your additional question, simply put, the lungs fill most of your chest cavity within the rib cage. They're not really closer to the front or the back, though, in general, there is more "stuff" between the front of your body and your lungs inside, as can be illustrated by the fact that a doctor will listen to your lungs with a stethoscope from your back and not your chest in most cases. I believe, and this is just me calling on my own understanding which might be incorrect, the reason for this is the heart is "in front" of the lungs and to listen with a stethoscope to your lungs from the front of your body can be difficult with the heart so close by.

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    Your lungs are in your chest. They are big, and fill most of the chest.

    The pink things here are lungs:


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