I Like this guy but he dont really like me?

i like this guy i go 2 school w/ and he is really cute and is really sweet but he says he only likes me as a friend but he is always flirting w/ me and stuff .like does he really like me or what an dif he does like me what should i say 2 him cause i like him ??

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    Fart on his face.

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    well, this will help.. and if you like him , then done give up.... :)This will help you ask him out....

    Be in the right place. It's best to ask someone out in person, so you've got to make sure to be where the guy you have a crush on is. This could be at the mall, the movies, or maybe at the baseball field if he's an athlete. You don't want to look like a stalker, but you do want to be able to talk to him.

    Take the intiative. Unfortunately, many guys are too afraid to walk up to a girl and ask her out. Take matters into your own hands. Walk up to him slowly and introduce yourself. Try not to do this if he's extremely busy, but at the same time, don't let the opportunity to talk to him pass you by just because you're nervous. If he seems receptive when you introduce yourself, keep on talking to him.

    Make small talk with him. Break the ice by commenting on something he's wearing or saying something about the place or event you're at. Just try to get him to feel comfortable around you.

    Make eye contact with him. While the two of you are talking, make eye contact and try to hold it for just a little longer than you normally would--just two or three seconds. If he makes eye contact back, he's probably interested in you. Make sure he's not looking at you because you're doing something extremely weird or because he is the cashier.

    Commence flirting. This can mean touching him lightly on the arm, for example, or laughing at his jokes. Just be playful and communicate that you're interested. Sometimes you can flirt from afar and entice him to come over to you.

    Ask him non-intrusive questions about himself, such as what kinds of things he likes to do, what his favorite kind of food is, or if he likes to play sports. By asking harmless little questions you can find out more about him to determine if you really want to ask him out, and you might find out if he has a girlfriend. You can also set the conversation up to ask him out.

    Ask him out. Once you find something you both have in common, ask if he'd like to do it together sometime. If you don't succeed in finding something you have in common, you might not really find him that interesting, but if you want to take a chance, just let him know that you'd like to hang out with him again.

    If he says no, or if he seems like he needs more time, don't get too upset; always say you can just be friends if that's what he wants. Chances are, he'll change his mind. Guys do this a lot. Whatever you do, don't trash him to others; it makes you look bad.

    If he says yes, then plan where and when you will go out, and don't forget to have fun. Since you asked, you should pay for the date, unless he insists.

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    No, girls tend to throw off "being friendly" and "flirting". Trust me, it happened to me. There was a guy that I liked and I thought he was flirting with me. Then I moved, and if he was flirting with me he would have said "I like you" or "I'll say in touch with you." But NOOOO!!!!!! I didn't even get a good-bye from him!!!!!!!!! Oh, sorry, I'm getting off topic and I don't wanna scare you either. If he doesn't like you, it's HIS loss. Don't change anything about yourself. If you tell him, it could change your entire relationship with him. Be yourself and just be friends with him 4 now. It could change, you know! ;)

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    I use to have the same problem but it was the other way around i would be like that i suggest ull leave him and act diffrent and yea dont flirt with him cause then you will get him used to that good luck hell be around to want u cause like i said it happen to me and im with him now

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    If he has already told you he likes you as a friend, than move on. I would not waste my time on him as far as trying to be his girlfriend. Life is too short. Go out with someone who has the same feelings you do. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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    Act like you've given up on trying to date him. Still be nice to him but don't flirt back. Maybe he'll think that you've moved on and he'll become jealous and want you for himself. If he really doesn't like you....then just be his friend. Try not to be too offended. At least he likes you as a friend.

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    you should learn to listen to answers to questions first.you said he said he likes you only in a friendly way,well accept this and be his friend because he is being honest and some boys would have taken advantage of your feelings and hurt you. friendship is much more valuable and will be around a lot longer than a relationship at this age.

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    Chances are he likes you as well, but he's afraid that if he askes you out, or dates you for any length of time, and it doesn't work out, you're friendship will be lost and he'll have (in his mind) made a huge mistake.

    Ask him out and do all you can to keep your friendship whole through your relationship. Besides, he's probably been trying to get up the nerve to ask you out anyway...go for it.

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    He does like you, but not as an exclusive girlfriend. Its now up to you. If having him in your life as a friend is ok, just deal with it. Do not expect him to change his mind though. If you keep sticking it out hoping he will you will get hurt. He has been honest, its up to you.

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    Sounds like he likes the attention he gets when flirting with you but he wouldn't want to actually be dating you.

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    When he flirts with you, ask him why are you flirting with me, if you only like me as a friend? See what he says....

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