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why is it now considered acceptable to use words or characters sich as : ur for Your, fave for favorite?

It seems like most of the people who do this are female and younger. Are they too lazy to type out a complete word or sentence or do they not know how to use the spell checker if necessary??

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    Most of them are use to text messaging their friends and those abbreviation are pretty universally known among themselves and their friends - and it can help keep the old people out of there conversations. One of the things I have learned since I am a teacher of high school students.

    Good Luck!!!

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    It is cool and trendy within a limited audience. With the increase in violence, being accepted is important more than ever, and nobody really wants to feel ostracized. Teens are some of the most judgemental people there are, and being a teen, you must learn how to negotiate your way through all of that.

    It is a form of culture and a way of distinguishing yourself from people outside your culture. Like why do White women and Black women were their hair so differently, even when technically, either could wear the same styles (with adjustments, like getting a perm or relaxer first)? It is because of cultural differences (moreso than the physical ones which can be overcome).

    Of course, cell phones are so hard to type on, so it pays to use abbreviated forms of words.

    There are also privacy issues. If a group has agreed upon their own dialect, it makes it harder for outsiders to snoop on the conversation or interfere.

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    One explanation could be to do with the rise in use, and popularity, of SMS or Text message on mobile phones (cell phones) It's a quick, easy way to keep in touch while not having to bother with ringing someone (sometimes the call charges in the UK are a lot higher than sending a text)

    The shortening of certain words is to be able to fit everything you want to say into one message. I've noticed it's since spread more widely across the internet, although people have been using 'u' to mean you, and 'r' for are for quite a long time.

    Another explanation is that certain groups of people, especially 'teen' groups, develop their own language as a way to determine who is part of their group and who isn't. In a basic sense it's a tribal thing. 1337 language is another example.

    It is hard to read sometimes, and can be annoying but I'm sure when you were young you had slang noone else knew!

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    I think it's only "acceptable" to those that use it!

    Personally, I think it's lazy and plain stupid... almost as bad as people who deliberately spell things wrong and use K instead of C or Z instead of S (eg "kool katz"... Just WRONG in so many ways!)

    I can understand where it came from... It makes sense to SHORTEN words if you're sending a text messgae on your cell phone... you can only fit so many characters after all, but PLEASE! if it doesn't shorten the word, WHAT'S THE POINT?!

    And besides... This is the internet... You can use real words here... You're not charged per letter you know!

    It's not "Kool"... it's not "Klevr"...

    It's just wrong...

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    It's a product of laziness paired with teen use of IM.

    Yes, they're lazy AND can't spell when trying. If I had a dime for every time one of my students used the wrong form of their/there/they're or witch/which.....let me not forget are/our.

    It will be a sad day when they are inputting information for, say, social security, hospital records, income tax.....

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    People's lives are such a hustle and bustle these days, we are always looking for shortcuts. Same with typing out words, it's easier, quicker and for some people, they are just plain lazy!! Maybe to be different as well........

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    It's part of something called "chat speak" that is sweeping the globe! It's easier to get down one's thoughts if one isn't slowed down by the inefficience of typing. Frankly, if one is being understood, does it matter what they type? If it was a formal email, than, of course it would be unacceptable, but chats between friends, and things like this, I think it's fine.

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    The same reason why you can use "sich" for "such"...I don't mean to be rude, but please, use your spell check. The girlies think that these abbreviations are cool...kind of like how "lite" became a word way back when.

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    Text messaging.

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    well i do that b/c i think it is easer and i guess i am lasy but idc so wen i type like i do on aim and txting i get bad grades b/c i sopell when lik wen and ur instead your and yes like yeah so i get in trob for grammar haha!

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