family plans (two cell phones) which is the best?

best price?

best plan?

best service? (Sprint, T-moblie, Cingular,ect........)

remember family plans for two



my area code is 60074, if you need it.

please if u can give me a website.

what plan do you have?from what service?

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  • flywho
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    1 decade ago
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    I use Verizon after trying most of the others.

    I share my family plan with my Mom - 1,000 shareable minutes during prime time, free nights/weekends, and unlimited long distance included in the call-america plan, plus email, text messaging, and free in-network calling (in other words, if I make or receive a call with another Verizon customer, it doesn't count against my minutes).

    Their plans are highly customizable, and you get a free phone upgrade every two years (with a two-year plan).

    I've never had a reason to divorce myself from Verizona, and I would use them even if they didn't offer the loyalty bonus.

    Go to:

    enter your zip code there and start browsing for the phone/plan you want. They are also very friendly on the phone.

    If you choose them, send me an email on my website (under SOURCE) and I'll be one of the first to call you for free from Arizona to congratulate you on your choice.


  • binnu
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    4 years ago

    First you will desire to do extra examine. then you definately would desire to do a value prognosis. I DID. and that i've got been given 2 T-cellular pay as you bypass. yet, the biggest right that's to purchase 1000 minutes up front (sturdy for a million 3 hundred and sixty 5 days). the cost in line with minute is 10 cents. i don't think of Virgin or TracFone ever gets all the way down to 10 cents. month-to-month, the kinfolk plans run approximately $50 maximum inexpensive. besides, the T-cellular pay as you bypass runs approximately $9 in line with month for the 1000minutes/12month difficulty. yet, you gotta remember, you %. the plan. in case you start up speaking plenty you lose the cost mark downs immediately.

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