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Does GTGena.dll mean anything to anyone? It's something installed in System32 on my XP. It's messing up stuff.

I noticed that during the login there was no welcome screen. Therefore, I tried the using control panel (on Administrator) to change my problem. However, the computer wouldn't let me because of some "GTGena.dll" file that was recently installed. So I ran a search for the file and found it in C:\WINDOWS\system32. I wasn't sure if I should mess with the folder so I Googled for hours. No Result. So here I am, at Yahoo Answers. Please help!!!

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  • JohnS
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    1 decade ago
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    Microsoft typically uses msgina.dll to log users onto the OS.... Since the name is similar, I am wondering if it is spyware....

    You may have to removed it manually using the registry editor.... This can get tricky and complicated.... So lets try a couple steps first...

    Your right Google does not provide nothing.... If you right click on the file it should list who made the DLL file... and the version... Tyr and find something from this information...

    Under the Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Add and Remove Software check for any application you do not recognize and try and remove them... (This can get tricky... So take your time...) If this is tied to spyware, you will be able to remove it but it will regenarate....

    Also any idea on what process it is using.... Under Taskmgr see which process is running at 100% and do a search on this process.... (Start --> Run --> taskmgr)

    I got more tips.... But this is a good start.... Good luck...

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