what is a PIV motherboard and how is it similar or different than an extended atx motherboard.?

i am looking for a case for my extended atx motherboard, but i cant get anything decent around £50. searching the net i cam across PIVmotherboards. wondering if they are the same as extended atx or different, and wether my mobo will fit in a case designed for PIV mobos.


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  • JohnS
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    1 decade ago
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    I think you are getting a bit confused.... PIV is an Intel Pentium IV motherboard which refers to the type of processor you can install and not the motherboard size...

    For extended ATX cases, try looking for a full size to mid-size case... Or server cases....

    Chenbro SR10769-BK supports extended ATX and it is not too costly... Never tried this case before...

    I found the site below helpful.... Select computer case and do a search within this group for extended atx...

    Source(s): www.pricewatch.com
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