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Have you ever heard the song "Solitare" sung by The Carpenters?

My wife has a CD with this song on it. It was written by Neil Sedaka who has had quite a song writing career, for a little bit of trivia. It is one of the most incredible songs I have ever heard The Carpenters sing. It is so smooth, and it is a song that you would not really associate with something that they would sing. Honestly, I am suprised that Karen Carpenter did not like how she performed the song. I think it is great.

As a side note, I sure wish radio stations would play songs like this (hidden gems) more. I never heard this one until I listened to it on one of their CDs. It seems like there are so many songs out there hidden on CDs that you never hear and/or will never hear.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That is a great song for her voice.

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