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did anyone see the movie 'Cujo' by Steven King?

it did the book no justice AT ALL there were so many screwups i lost count u could see them pull the dog out the window when he was goin after the phone and when he was supposedly 'mauling' someone u could see his tail wagging!!! they need to make a new version of the movie and they need to actually follow the storyline oh and how many pet semetary movies r there?

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    Most movies do not follow the book very closely, and "Cujo" was no exception. Stephen King has been more fortunate lately because "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Green Mile" followed the books more closely. Even though the screenplays didn't follow the books to the letter, they were still very good and the "artistic licenses" taken by the screenwriters actually helped the telling of the stories. P.S.: To my knowledge, there are only two "Pet Sematary" movies. Saw the first one (it sucked, even though the screenplay followed the book more closely than was the case in "Cujo"), but didn't see the second one.

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    I saw Cujo when I was 12 or around that age and it scared the s*** out of me. I saw it again about 6 years ago and though it didn't scare me like it did when I was younger it was still an ok movie.

    My favorite all time Steven King movie is The Shining with Jack Nicholson. Though it doesn't follow the book exactly, it's a great movie.

    Just guessing but maybe 3 Pet semetary's? At least 2.

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    Yes. I didn't think the movie was that good at all. Very few books translate into good movies. I love good horror movies and wish they would remake Cujo. I thought the first Pet Semetary was pretty good, but the second one sucked. From what I've heard, they are supposed to be remaking Halloween. They just remade The Hitcher. But there is one remake I really like that came out a few years ago and that was The Shining. Granted Steven Weber is no Jack Nicholson, but the movie follows the book alot closer. Plus it was directed by Stephen King.

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    organic crap. This grow to be a Sunn classic photograph. They did diverse outdoors and documentary photographs lower back interior the 70's and 80's. word grow to be while this got here out that they wrote the action picture's ending by utilising concentration group. human beings did no longer like the downbeat ending interior the e book, so as that they slapped a satisfied ending on it so it would sell greater effective.

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    It was a great film at the time despite it's lack of reference to the book, as was Christine and Carrie, but Pet Semetary rules as one of the worst King-to-film movies ever ... I think there are two.

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    there are 2 or 3 pet semetary movies and you are so right about these movies not living up to the books they are made from.

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    Cujo sucked and i believe there are 3 pet semetary movies

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    I did years ago. And as always the movie never follows the book.

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    Yeah, like 100 years ago.

    And you're right, it didn't follow the book but then again, not too many movie-versions of SKing's books DID!

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    I agree

    books are usually much better than the movie

    for those that don't know in the book the little boy dies and the mom gets rabies

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