Removing wallpaper?

What is the best way to remove old wallpaper?

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    First you should get a wallpaper glue remover such as DIF. Mix it with wateras hot as you can stand. Also you need to score the paper before applying the remover. This can be done with what is called a paper tiger. You can find them at wal-mart, a paint store, or your local hardware store. Take the paper tiger roll it across the wall moving in every direction. This will create holes in the paper so the remover can soak through to loosen the glue. After the paper is scorn Get a sponge and dip it in your solution and dab the paper. After applying the solution let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then get a plastic scraper and find an edge where the paper meets get in behind the paper and slowly begin to peel it away. This is probably the best way to do it so you will not put holes in your sheet rock.

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    Buy a "scorer" which punches tiny holes into the wallpaper. then sponge on either wallpaper remover solution, or a solution made from 1 gallon warm water and 1/2 cup of liquid fabric softener. Allow the solution to absorb in thepaper for 30 minutes, and repeat. After another 30 seconds the paper should scrape off easily.

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    Hire a contractor. I just had wallpaper replaced in two rooms. It took 5 man days to get the paper off in a bedroom. The walls were not sized before the old paper was installed.

    They used a steam generator and lots of hand scraping. It was a messy job.

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    Have tried steamers and scraping but the easiest I ever used was to put a very small amount of fabric softener into a garden sprayer and fill with water and lightly spray the wall. the wallpaper almost slid off and there was no sizing under it and it had been on for 18 years. good luck

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    Take off the top layer of paper if you can, if not, score with a paper tiger.

    Using a garden sprayer with hot hot water and fabric softner, spray down the wall. leave for 10 minutes or so and spray again. Wait a few more minutes and start scraping with a putty knife. The paper should come off very easy. Once done, wash walls with TSP, rinse and patch, prime and paint.

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    Spray the walls down with fabric softener. This should loosen the paper. You may have to score the paper. To do that, you can run a tracing wheel (for sewing) over the paper to make tiny holes. This will allow the fabric softener to get to the glue.

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    they have wallpaper remover in at The Depot, you will also need a pail of water and a scraper. It's a mess!

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    Use a hair dryer to heat the wall paper, then slowly peel the wall paper. Heating the glue will help a little, but it also depends how long the wall paper has been on the wall.

    The longer the wall paper has been on, the harder it is to remove.

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    get an iron with steam function and hold it under a corner and start slowly peeling it up and let the steam do the work though.

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