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Puppy Help =[?

Ok, my 3-month old puppy is suddenly refusing to eat her food, like she goes up to it and sniffs it but jumps in either fear or disgust. I put some in my hand to see if she will eat it from my hand but she jumps again. And also another problem i have been seeing is that she is like wheezing. When she goes to sleep she starts wheezing then it stops when she's completely asleep. And sometimes when she is playing she wheezes again. I don't know if i should go to a vet or not worry? Please help, i don't want anything to happen to her... =]


She's a chihuahua/terrier mix. Thanx for your answer.

Update 2:

Well, im not 100% sure she is wheezing but it sounds liek she can't breathe or like she is trying really hard to breathe. oh and i'm feeding her Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Formula.

Update 3:

Thanx for your answers, i will take her to the vet and see what's up with her. Thank you sooooo much.

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    I would take her to the vet. If this is something that just developed then there my be a health issue that the vet can handle for you. A puppy that young should still be getting its puppy shots, so you can make it a 2 in 1 appointment.

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    Some dogs, like humans, are picky on what they eat. Try feeding her some type of premium food. The weezing could be because of the breed. What type of dog is she? I have a toy fox terrier and she weezes sometimes as well. It's just part of the breed. If this worries you, take her to the vet. I would say to switch her food to something better. Eukanuba is no good. My husband works for a pet products distributor, and the best foods out there are: Wellness, Nature's Variet, Innova, and Eagle Pack. Try one of those foods and see what happens. Keep her on puppy food unitl 6 months. My dog also wheezes and she is fine.

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    I wouldnt worry much about the wheezing if she stops when she's asleep. Just mention it next time you're at the vet. As far as a puppy not eating, I'd call my vet if my puppy didn't eat anything for 2 days. It could have a bowel obstruction or some other problem. Is it possible that it ate anything that it shouldn't have? Good luck.

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    Some dogs are picky eaters try to vary the foods. The wheezing I would definitely take you pup to the vet, because you don't know what your dealing with. Once you go after you'll have piece of mind! My dog once would make a noise like she could not breath

    and it turned out to be a throat inf. And because of it she did not want to eat. Who know's maybe that the problems w/your pup.

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  • what kind of dog do you have? it may not be sick, b/c some breeds make strange noise b/c of the structure of the face. if you are 100% sure it's wheezing, take it to the vet.. if they are sick & can't smell the food, they will not eat it! try some cook hamburger & rice. we use this for sick animals who don't eat. if it dosn't eat that, go to the vet. asap. hope this helps. :)

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    You should go to e vet,its not a big problem but you need to gt her checked out.About the food,get her epensive food not dollar general or walmart food.When a dog sences good food it will eat it,and dont stand there when shes eating try to go to the other room but still watch her.

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    my puppy did that 2

    1 day my best friend had a cat a she brought the cats food over and my puppy started eating it and the cat would eat his food so now i am feeding I'm cat food

    u should go to the vet for the other problems


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    you should go to the vet for the wheezing and for the she won't eat her food maybe he is ready for another type of food so you should try different foods to see of she would eat it

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    When in doubt go to the vet. Especially when you note a change in her breathing.

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    you need to take it to the vet. sounds like a UPPERESTPUTORY infection. This also could be making her so sick she does not want to eat. Or it could be afew other things. GO TO THE VET.

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