What are some good wholesale sources for "hardware" notions such as eyelet tape, hook & eye tape, d-ring tape?

I am seeking all kinds of "hardware" notions for fashion including large and small hook & eye tape, eyelet/grommet tape, snap tape, and d/o-ring tape. I have found some great retail sources on ebay, but I would like to find some wholesale sources.


This is sewing and garment construction related if anyone was wondering.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you're looking to buy wholesale, and have a legitimate business license, you should be able to get into dealers or dealer reps with any garment district.

    You may want to search (through Yahoo or the G place) for Fabric Jobbers etc, and it might return some other searches for you.

    You can also check out apparel magazine, or maybe a copy of WWD at your local library/bookstore.

    Source(s): www.vnumedia.com
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