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i wanna be fun again..?

Ever since me and my ex have been over ..i feel like i'm just lazy and not exciting and happy...i wana be me again and i duno how.. i wana ger over him and just move on with my life already .. i've tried many things .. & actually since we decided to still be friends thats made it hard on me..but he was like my best friend..and now every time we hang out it's not the same anymore because i feel lik im borin or somethin' when im with him cause we dont have our deep talks or talk about anything nemore cause he moved on and he has his gf that he livs with so i'm thinking he prolly tells her eveyrthing now...and i duno thats hurts really bad i duno why!!!! someone please help my emotional-self.!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    change something in your life that makes you happy :)

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  • arnone
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    4 years ago

    at present I pricked my thumb on a guitar string. It began to bleed. Now it hurts on each occasion I lick my palms. i'm licking my palms because of the fact i'm eating all dressed Ruffles.

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