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Would it be best to get my degree in E-Business or Accounting?

I am in my thirties and going back to school via University of Phoenix. I have 5 years in the E-Business field as Internet Sales Manager, webmaster, etc. I just wonder what the job outlook is for this or would it be better to complete my degree in Accounting? The downside is I don't have any job history in Accounting...and besides I make way more than an entry level accounting job now. What do you folks think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My husband's father's degree was in accounting and he is now in sales, as are all the other boys in the family.

    I think that e-business might be the ticket for you, if you are a salesman by nature.

    If so, do whatever you can to add to that aspect of your personality. It will allow you more growth potential and will probably be alot more interesting than anything else that you could do.

    Now that I am in my late 30's I realize that I, too, am by nature a salesman, and it really makes me sick that I wasted my time in art and engineering school.

    People are far more interesting than art or structures, but oh well. Now I am raising now I can "sell" the kids on cleaning their rooms!

    Look at this website and see if you are a salesman. It is good to know yourself in these situations.

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  • I think you should try and find a local university that offers day/night/weekend/online classes and go part-time. It'll be cheaper than University of Phoenix, and the degree will be better recognized. University of Phoenix isn't really looked upon kindly.


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