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my friend is mad at me?

my friend is mad at me because she found out i didnt invite her to a sleepover. but i thought she cud not come becuz she had bball and her sister's bday. another time i asked if we cud have a sleepover, she said no because she had bball. so this time, i figured that she cudn't come because it was at the same time. also, her family is very close, and i didn't want my friend not to be with her sis on a special day cuz of me. what shud i do to make her not mad at me?

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    Tell her all of this!!! She'll still be mad at you, like while you're telling her, but make sure that she believes you. She may think its just an excuse, but tell her that its NOT. Invite her on another sleepover, this time just her so she realizes you're still friends.

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    Call her up or write her an email explaining all the things you told us.

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