how do you make a fursuit??

tell me all you want about it

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  • ana g
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    1 decade ago
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    well. fisrt you must design first in paper the character you want to build. then you must do a pattern of paper to do a basic jumpsuit to do this put a pants and a long sleeve shirt togheter and draw a contour to make your pattern, then you must buy some fur, buy white for the belly and the other color. buy a zziper, then cut a front and back piece from your pattern in the fur. cut sleves, sew all togheter by hand it takes more time but you have better control. you must sew all pieces in the back face then invert, and now you have your fursuit, now you must make a gloves with fingers or not, and make your fur feet, you can buy a sheap wal mart sleepers and make a bulky form with fingers, then make you tail and atach it to the suit.

    for the head you can buy 1/2" foam, and flexible wire i dont know how it say in english but in spanish is galvanizado, I made a wire structure with a ring thet may you head get in and made the simple structure tu hold you head , then you must cut the foam to get cover the structure head, now you have a sphere like head of foam, with a hole, for your neck.

    cover it with fur, make your eyes with a 1mm foamy white and black, cut it from the foam head, and hot glued the foamy eyes.

    make ears and muzzle, then hot glued to the head, and thats is, you have your animal fursuit, all this you must be very patience and have imagination to do it, research in the internet for more info.

  • 1 decade ago

    find a hirsute guy. promise him anything. clip him while asleep. knit, weave, and braid away. voila, a fursuit, for those crisp evenings ;-)

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