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How do I reinstall the address bar on my P.C.?

I have kids and my husband learning the computor, While I won;t say they do not know what they are doing! I will say that they lost the address bar . How do I reinstall it. I am just a 2 yr user myself and while I took it up in school , I don't recall ever confronting this problem in class.Can you please help?

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    Right click the gray area of your browser and left click address bar.

    You will see other things there that can be togaled on or off.

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    What I understand by your problem is that probably you have unselected the address bar from your standard toolbar. To bring it back open up an internet explorer page and then click on View on the menu bar and then choose toolbar there. See if you have a checkmark beside the address bar. If it is not there, then put it back there by clicking on it. If your address bar returns exactly the sameway it was .. fine else you might see somewhat towards the right of the screen with just that address tab written on it. Goto tools once again and unlock the toolbar and then drag your address bar down from the point where your mouse pointer changes. If all this fails i would suggest you to simply do a system restore to an earlier date when your system was working fine. To do system restore - click on Start, then click on All programs, then click on accessories and then system tools and there you will find system restore. Choose restore my system to an earlier date and then click on next. YOU WILL NOT BE LOSING ANY DOCUMENT FILES OR LETTERS. Simply follow the instruction, it will shutdown to system and restore it back to an earlier date. And it should take care of the issue.

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    Go to 'View' on the toolbar at the top of your browser (where it says 'File', 'Edit', etc) and click on it to make the drop down menu go. Then go to 'Toolbars', click on that, and a side menu should show. From there, click on Address Bar so that there is a check mark next to it!

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    If the address bar is missing in internet explorer, open internet explorer, click view, click toolbars, make sure address bar is checked.

    If the address bar is missing in windows explorer, do the same thing in windows explorer.

    Source(s): i looked :)
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    Go to the view drop down, toolbars>address bar

    Source(s): I have used it myself.
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    Its probably still there look for >> and slide or move it over (its probably just collapsed. also you can hit view to verify the proper bar is checked.

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