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what should i do?

I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes ( rather large) um and fair skin, what colour makeup should i use?

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    Foundation should always match your skin tone... and I'm not talking bout the skin tone on your hand- try your jawline for a more accurate match.

    I also have fair skin, although my hair is lighter and my eyes are blue... which means you could probably go a little more dramatic with your eye color or lips... like the high-contrast vintage 50's look!

    I personally like makeup that is natural- (No super-bright hot pink blush, thanks!) Try a rose-based color for blush.

    For eye color, here's my basic color scheme- a light/bright color on the lid, a darker shadow-looking color on the bone, just below the brow, and an accent color in the crease....

    I like to put a light color on my lid (I use a sparkly white). Then a medium-darkish brown up on my browbone, just under the brow. And I finish off with a purple in the crease. Before this step, it's a VERY natural look, but the purple dresses it up nicely.

    My mom's coloring is darker than mine- dark brown hair, hazle eyes, olive skin. She uses more of an off-wilte on her lid, a dark olive green up on the browbone, and a brighter green in the crease.

    Sounds like you're somewhere inbetween, so just experiment, and have fun. Get with some friends, use cotton swabs for the eyeshadow, and play! If you don't like it, just wash your face off, and try again, remember- it's not permanent.

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    I have your coloring, too. I love Aveda's eyeshadows -- my favorite is Azaela; it goes with everything! I like to use earthy, natural tones on my eyes, like beige & brown shadows with a dk. brown eyeliner and dk. brown mascara for an everyday look ( I think black mascara looks too harsh). I think that purples and dk. blues also look great with brown eyes.

    For fun, look through fashion mags for models who have the same coloring as you . . . then try copying their makeup looks and techniques. A lot of magazines even tell you what makeup brands/colors are used.

    I think that playing up your eyes is the most fun when trying out makeup. Go for a subtle blush and a pretty neutral lip shine/gloss and you're set!

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    Go to the makeup counter at your department store and try on different styles to see how they look on you. You don't even have to buy any of the makeup there, but you'll be able to get an idea of which colors look best on you. Once you get a feel for what you like, go to Target, or a regular drugstore like CVS or Walgreens. Look for the colors you like and buy them there. You'll get much cheaper prices than you would buying expensive department store brands. I would recommend the brand Maybelline Cosmetics. Their products are incredible in quality, and are one of the most inexpensive drugstore brands out there!

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    to make the eyes stand out, use purples and greens, i use the stuff (i forget which brand) that takes your eye color and matches colors to it. so use a dark grae purple over your entire lid, then a brown on the crease of the eye,then a light off white for under the brow

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    light colors because if your skin is dark or fair you wear light to fair ly dark(inbetween) if your skin is dark you wear rather dark colors atleast all things I have heard but I would try different stuff out! Good luck!

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    lol i am the same...really! =) were beautiful arent we haha

    well what works for me is really dark eyes with a lightly pink blush..i use prism by mac...i also use eyeliner in the top and the bottom..i love my eyes to stand out and they do since my skin is so light..

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    ug! i hate purple and yellow and other bright colored make ups.

    it looks cheap and like a 10 year old!

    i LOVE browns!

    you should go with browns!

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    well depends on pesonality if youare a girly girl go with a light pink and if you are a tomboy i would go with a grayish color and if you are imbetween my fav color on my brown eyes(hazel) purple!

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    lots of brings out brown eyes

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    black and white

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