Do you actually fear death, and if so why?

I do not understand fearing death; it is either an eternal nap or there is an afterlife. What is there to fear?

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    I haven't quite figured that out either. Either way, I'm going to die, I can't stop it, so what's the point?

    From my point of view, my death is as set in stone and predetermined as was my birth. I say it is entirely accurate to say I was born, lived, and died 13+ billion years ago all in the instant of the big bang, and that my self awareness is only perceiving an illusion of time.

  • As a hospice nurse I deal with death on a daily basis. I think that some people fear death because they look at it as a finality. Some others fear it because they have no control over it. Humans have some very basic needs and control is one of those needs. Even the "lowest" man on the totem pole wants to be able to exercise some bit of control in their life. Death is the one thing that we absolutely cannot stop, it comes to us all at some time or another. The last reason that I think that I hear most on the fear of death issue is the religious aspect. Believers versus non believers(in heaven and hell). Many people are okay with death but the family members who have not quite come to grips with their own mortality tend to have a problem with the impending death of a loved one. So, it's not so much death that people fear, it's actually the things that go with or bring about death that people fear. Hope that makes sense.

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    Fear of death comes from it being an unknown. And in some spiritual views, there is a risk that the afterlife will be horrible. People fear losing their families and friends. People fear the moment of death, which often can be painful and frightening in and of itself.

    Death, in my opinion, is probably a lot like the time before we were born. We have no perception of anything from before we were born, and something tells me that after death it will be much the same. Death is like being absent from a place. Right now, stuff is going on in, say, Namibia, and neither you nor I have any perception of it - a complete lack of perception. We only have a perception of what's around us right now. So, life is almost a complete lack of perception, and death is a complete lack of perception.

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    I don't think it's so much as fearing being dead but the dying process. No one knows when we die in our sleep--do we struggle for air, or is it like someone just turns a swtich from on to off?

    And if you're in some horrible accident, it's the fear of that suffering before death. The lying in the hospital bed knowing you'll never get to go out for ice cream again or whatever it could be.

    I don't think it's death itself, but just the process of dying that frightens people. We know what's on the other side--nothing or something fun (if we were good, right?). But no one knows what the person dying feels as they are dying. Does it hurt? Do you even know? I think it's that and not the being dead part.

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    Dying is a nap before the resurrection Jesus promised. But remember when we were kids and didn't want to go to sleep because we felt like we were going to be missing out on what was happening while our eyes were closed? Fear of dying is pretty much the same thing. It would really be sick if we loved the idea of dying. We enjoy our gift of life even if gravely ill, and Jesus called death an enemy because it actually is NOT natural. We were created to live! Hope you'll take the time to learn what the bible teaches about death. You know who to ask- they'll probably be at your house Saturday morning.

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    At the moment, I look at death with a little trepidation; not because I fear it, but because it is the unknown. It's like traveling to a foreign country, but with the knowledge that there's not a return-trip ticket waiting at the counter.

    I recognize that death is sipmly a part of life. I believe that I'll be back; I believe in reincarnation.

    I believe in a cycle of birth, death, rest and reflection, and birth once again. Still, belief, and the experince are different things.

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    I don't fear death so much as I fear not getting enough out of life. Death won't be bad, but I have a lot to do before then.

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    I don't fear it, but I guess I don't dwell on it enough to know what I think right now. I know that pondering it to the point of fear is sort of a waste of time. Is is inevitable, and whatever happens after death, happens. I can't change it, so why worry about it.

    Further, I believe we can return as spirits and help our loved ones, so in that way, it sort of intrigues me more than anything else at this point in my life. Although, as I age, I am sure my thoughts on this will change dramatically.

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    i dont fear death in any way

    i do fear leaving before my children have grown though ....

    but besides that , i cant wait for the next step on my journey as i believe there is an afterlife but not one i have to fear in any way

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    No, I don't fear death but I do fear

    not living a full life so that at the end

    I will regret dying without doing as much

    as I'd hope to.

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