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Logitech notebook speakers that skip and crackle...?

i got the Logitech Speakers V20 for christmas. however, they crackle whenever sound is coming out of them. their quality is great other than that. the other problem i have is that they skip a lot. it's like when i'm opening too many windows and the music skipps because it can't process all the information. but i think it's because it's plugged into the USB instead of the headphone jack. is there any way to fix this problem?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to figure out if it's the speakers or your computer. To do that, plug only your speakers in to your laptop and shut down all programs but one. Open whatever app you use to hear music and play a song that you know plays well through the laptop speakers (no crackling). Play that song through the speakers and turn the volume down a bit (having it up too high can cause crackling on even the best speakers).

    If your speakers crackle, then you need to contact Logitech for a replacement. If they don't, and they only seem to do that when you're doing work on your computer, you may be able to still contact Logitech and see if they've heard of this, but it would seem your computer may be struggling to process the sound properly while it's busy, which is not the speaker's fault.

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  • Nancy
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    4 years ago

    Just go to the authorized place from where you got your laptop and consult there. This better option for you...

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