what is all the Albums that Garth Brooks has out?

the only one that I know is recent is Scarecrow

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    Studio albums:

    1989- Garth Brooks

    1990- No Fences

    1991- Ropin' the Wind

    1992- The Chase

    1993- In Pieces

    1995- Fresh Horses

    1997- Sevens

    1999- Garth Brooks In ... The Life of Chris Gaines

    2001- Scarecrow

    2005- The Lost Sessions

    Holiday albums:

    1992- Beyond the Season

    1999- Garth Brooks and the Magic of Christmas

    2001- Songs from Call Me Claus

    Compilation albums:

    1994- The Garth Brooks Collection

    1994- The Hits

    Live albums:

    1998- Double Live

    Box sets:

    1998- The Limited Series

    2005- The Limited Series

    2006- The Entertainer

  • All of the ones he has are The Chase, Fresh Horses, Garth Brooks, In Pieces, the Lost Sessions, No Fences, Ropin' the Wind, Scarecrow, Sevens, Double Live discs one and two, The Hits, his christmas Cds are Beyond the Season and Garh Brooks and the Magic of Christmas. I don't know how many of thoughs are out now but you can find can find them on the web.

    you can look on his website too and find the Cds available and other cool facts. If I'm missins any than I'm not aware of it.

    Garth Brooks rules!!!

    Source(s): my Cds and www.garthbrooks.com
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    Walmart just came out with a new collection box. Check there website

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    Look on his website

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    check out allmusic.com

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