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People who are good with computers please come here!!!?

Ok, so here is what happened. I wanted to download a cool house for my sims2 game. So, I clicked the download button, the option screen came up that said, "Save, Open, etc.." The file I was downloading was ".rar". Well, after I downloaded it, it did not show up in the game. So I went back to my documents, and messed around somehow and changed it so that when I install or download ".rar" files, it opens the "Ea (sims 2) Downloader". (ea downloader is for when you install an expansion pack and it needs to update your old expansion packs) My problem is that I want to change the files so that every time I install or download a ".rar" file, that it doesnt open or connect with "Ea Downloader". Please email me at if you have further questions and you think you may be able to help me. Also, please post. THANK YOU!


Yes, I understand that you need a program to break them down, but how do I change the file properties so that it does not open with "EA downloader"?

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    1 decade ago
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    RAR files are archives, which means it's a file with a lot of smaller files inside. To open it you'll need WINRAR, which is available at...

    Inside the rar file you'll probably see a text file called "readme.txt" which will tell you how to install the house from inside the RAR file. If you don't see instructions then go back to the site where you got the download and look for instructions there.

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  • .rar is a file extention which specifies a application that will decode the file

    You have to download WinRAR, they have free trials for it. Or download WinZIP 11 it opens .rar files also

    After installing either of the two above programs, save the file you want to your desktop, then right click it and choose "extract to" or "extract to folder: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Desktop\FILE NAME

    Now it will decompress the file contents and place them into a folder on your desktop

    simply move them to the folder needed in the sims program

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have that same problem. I think you might have to call a real expert to mess with the computer.

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