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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMagazines · 1 decade ago

what is usuallyy found in teen magazines?

can u make a list????? of 20 please

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    There are two types: the pre-teen (Twist, J14, etc.), and the teen (Seventeen, CosmoGIRL, etc.). I read them both:


    1.) AT LEAST 5 stars on each cover.

    2.) A "star scrapbook" of some sort. It's like a collage of pictures of celebs. Each picture has a caption and a speech bubble.

    3.) A True or False thing, where people write in and ask questions about celebs.

    4.) Embarrasing moments.

    5.) Quizzes

    6.) Horoscopes

    7.) Polls

    8.) Advertisements

    9.) Beauty Tips.

    10.) DIY (Do it Yourself)

    11.) Posters

    12.) Articles on celebs

    13.) Dress for Less (Runway to Hallway, etc.) where you can copy a star's look for less.

    14.) Clothes for that season.

    15.) Star quotes

    16.) Win stuff

    17.) Emarrasing star pics

    18.) Best and worst dressed

    19.) Hot shows and movies to watch and music to listen to

    20.) Table of contents

    ♥Teen Magazines

    1.) Only ONE star on the cover.

    2.) Advertisements.

    3.) Table of contents

    4.) Pull out cards for subscribtions.

    5.) Perfume samples

    6.) Looks for that season.

    7.) Hairstyles for that seasons.

    8.) Makeup tips

    9.) Articles targeting more serious things.

    10.) Love advice

    11.) Safe sex advice

    12.) Public service announcements

    13.) Embarrasing moments

    14.) Letters from the editor

    15.) Letters TO the editor

    16.) DIY

    17.) Horoscopes

    18.) Jokes

    19.) Interviews with non-celebs

    20.) Do's and don'ts for just about everything

    Source(s): Me reading them.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1 Advice columns

    2 Letters to the editor

    3 Pictures of celebrities

    4 Movie reviews

    5 Music reviews

    6 Electronics reviews

    7 T.V. reviews

    8 DVD rental list

    9 Fashion reviews

    10 Auto reviews

    11 Hair trends

    12 Self-confidence tips

    13 Tips on how to be like everyone else

    14 Health information

    15 Polls on the hottest actor

    16 Polls on the hottest music group

    17 Polls on the best trend of the year

    18 Celeb' hook-ups

    19 Celeb' break-ups

    20 Diet advice

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago






    6)Dating Tips

    7)Social Advice


    9)Makeup Advice








    17)Say No 2 Drugs Ad


    19)Front Cover

    20)Help Hotline

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. dating

    2. sex

    3. health

    4. beauty

    5. clothes

    6. make up

    7. gossip

    8. stories

    9. styles

    10. music

    11. celebrities

    12. hottest guy of the year

    13. best outfits of 2006

    14. stars without make up

    15. hair dyes

    16. new movies

    17. celebrity gossip and news

    18. hair do's and dont's

    19. tips on attracting a gay

    20. tips on safe sex

    dat`s all i really see on teen magazines lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good luck picking the best answer lol

    They pretty much said everything =]

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  • 1 decade ago


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