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SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY PLEASE: What does this guy really want from me?

A month ago, I met a guy who lives in my dorm. He's a senior in undergrad and I am a graduate student. We chat over IM often. One day, he randomly asks me to borrow a calculator. I thought that was odd, especially since I am sure I am not the only one he could have borrowed a calculator from. But whatever. Yesterday, he comes to get it and asks to see my room. I told him no. We chatted a little while longer and then I walked him to the elevator. He tries to put his arm around me but I kind of pulled away. Reflex, I guess. Later, we're chatting over IM and I asked him when he was coming to visit me again. He said he didn't feel welcome because I didn't invite him to see my room. Is this guy serious? Then he asked me what I want from him and I told him friendship. But now I'm wondering, what is HE looking for? He says he would prefer to know about me and then when he's satisfied, he'll tell me everything I want to know about him. Does this make ANY sense?

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    I think it's probably something physical that he wants from you.Just a gut feeling.He was testing you at first but he knows all you want is just friendship.See if he keeps interest in you.

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    No, it doesn't make any sense at all. I can't see a constant pattern in that guys approach which can lead to some conclusion. Actually, he confused me. Being a guy myself, i would recommend you to keep distance from him unless off course if you want it otherwise. good luck.

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    Tell him that you don't feel comfortable having guys in your room. you're sorry if you offended him. It sounds like a weird thing to get offended over to me. be careful, there's an outside chance that he's a weirdo.

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    He is looking for a relationship, be it sexual or more serious, and you have caught his eye.

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    He's wasting his time w/ you.................

    He's probably already ballz-deep in some other tramp by now!!!

    Mr Happy


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