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I'm looking for a romance book title about a lady who wins half of a horse farm in a card game on a riverboat.

The man's name is Grant. I think the woman was a card dealer on the riverboat. There is a foal born that they name Shady Lady. The woman has a pet duck named Sweet Cheek. They race horses at the Kentucky Derby.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The book is called, "Temptation." Author is Catherine Hart

    "Amanda Sites, a 19-year-old card dealer on a riverboat, enjoys a profitable evening in a private poker game, winning half ownership of a horse farm in Kentucky from a stranger named Tad Gardner. The flourishing farm is managed by its co-owner, Tad's elder brother Grant, who greets the strong-willed, gaudily dressed card sharp as sourly as he would a case of thrush. While Grant matches "Amanda's vision of the sublime male," he's all but engaged to Anabelle Foster, a "hateful little twit." Amanda, resolved to keep the first real home she has had in years, won't be bought out and demands to learn the business. Shattered by revelations of Anabelle's true nature and frustrated by his attraction to his business partner, Grant challenges Amanda to a card game: the winner gets the whole farm and the loser stays on as manager (Grant) or as a mistress (Amanda). Grant and Amanda's aversion for and growing attraction to each other are the same old story, but Hart ( Tempest ) tells it well enough to satisfy readers, even if awk to use 'but' and 'though' one after the other the characters' inability to recognize the only possible culprit in a string of dangerous "accidents" makes them seem willfully obtuse.

    Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. "

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  • emrich
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    4 years ago

    My time-honored delusion author is Tanya Huff, I somewhat like her 'blood' sequence some inner maximum detective who joins forces with a vampire to sparkling up supernatural crimes, the 1st one is 'Blood cost'. I additionally like her 'Keeper Chronicles' very lots, the 1st one is 'Summon the Keeper'. i do no longer study many romance novels yet one that i in my opinion enjoyed replaced into 'the boy around the corner' via Meg Cabot, that's particularly humorous. janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels are no longer likely romances, yet there's a lot of romance woven into the plot, and that i in my opinion like them, the 1st one is 'One for the money'.

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