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How can you tell when a cat is close to birth?

My cat is pregnant, and I was wondering what some signs are that she is close to giving birth. This can be weeks or hours.. and duh, if kittens start popping out of her.. but ahead of time?


Her belly is already big. :) Anyone got anything better?

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    About 3-5 days before she gives birth she will start lactating...and about 24 hours before birth she will start going to use the litter box a whole lot!

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    3 of the 4 answers above give you really good answers. I do disagree with 'leave her alone'. I had a cat one time that passed out while birthing the first kitten. If I would not have been there, the kitten would have died. Watch for the above signs and also have a birthing box ready BEFORE so she can get used to it and won't have to go 'hunt' to find a good place. Get a cardboard box (not tooooo tall) with towels in it and place it in a warm / darkened place. Mom will want privacy with her kittens or she will move them to where she feels they are safe. I always used my closet floor and left the door open about 4" so she could come and go.

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    She gets REAL big and starts hiding. She is trying to find a dark warm spot to have her kittens where no one will bother her or them. Some cats also get more affectionate right before hand.Also they get more aggresive toward the male cats in the area.

    I have raised cats all my life and have one that just had kittens last night.

    She is a siamese and unlike males who love to be loved she couldn't care less if I was even there other than to feed her and change her sand box.

    The last week though she has been winding around my feet, getting in my lap and sleeping with me.

  • Just two of three days before she is ready to give birth she will start discharging a lot of clear stuff. I hope this helps. That is how we can tell when our dogs or cats are about to give birth.

    She might start acting a little weird too.

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    she would stop eating and start to meow and might try to hide in a place that is a bit private well leave her alone for the rest of the day and she should be fine

    PS it takes the kittens 6 weeks to be fully grown or at least able to live by them selvesPS i have a kat toooo

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    They start to nest prior to birth, which means they go looking for cubby holes or small enclosures that they can protect themselves and their kittens in.

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    when her belly gets big!!!

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