Finding a job with little experience??????

I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and my concentration was Human Resource Management. I am also currently completing my Masters in Business Administration in Marketing. My grade point average in all my degrees has been above average.

I do not have much work experience though. I worked at a retail store for three years until I quit to stay at home with my children. So for the last four years I have been staying home with my children and working on my College Degrees.

I have applied to several places over the last year and the fact that I have little experience seems to really hurt me. I am almost done with my Masters degree and want to get a good paying least $30,000 or more just so we come out on top with me going back to work.

How hard is it going to be for me to get a good paying job with little experience???? Do you have any recommendations????


Just wanted to add....I am only 23 years old so many people my age is just getting out of college as well.

I don't want to capitalize or really even bring up the fact that I stayed at home with my two children. Rather I planned to just focus on that I was working on my College Education.

By a good job I mean management, banking, human resource, marketing, etc and want to make at least $28,000 to start.

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    The key is to make the experience you have sound meaningful. Make a list of all your job responcibilites for each position you have held and think how they apply to the positions you are applying for. All I had was a few internships when i started applying for jobs but I tried to make what i did sound as impressive as possible. Don't lie though, just relate youre experience to the buisness world. You might even be able to include your experience as a stay at home mom on your resume or in your interviews...You probably managed numerous schedules, possibly family finances, multitasked etc. That may or may not be something you can put on your resume but you can definately use those experiences when talking about your qualifications in an interview. Stay at home moms use lots of important business skills when running thier household, make sure potential employers know that!

    This can also work with the classes you have taken. In your cover letter explain how your classroom experience will help you be effective with the job you are applying for. Talk about skills and buisness principles you have learned. You can use Professors as references as well...they can attest to your ability to problemsolve etc.

    Highlight any leadership positions youve held...did you ever train anyone at your job, did you open our close the store? Were you involved in any clubs and hold postions in them? These are important things that show you are trustworthy and responsible. Your Masters will also help you get a leg up on the competiton and makes you more attractive to'll be ahead of others who only have a Bachelors degree.

    Remember you are marketing yourself so put forth your best qualities and spin the experience you had into something potential empoyers will be interested in. You just need to get yourself into the interview then you can really let your personality and drive show!

    Good Luck

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    Things that might concern a prospective employer - are you married? What does your husband do (if there is one)? You've demonstrated a concern for the children (ie staying at home) An employer might feel you will not be giving full attention and energy to your job.

    The avenue to take is to point out - in a letter of introduction or the opening stage of an interview - is that there is no way to get experience at the level you expect to work at without the proper training and credentials. You've gotten those, and demonstrated your ability in doing that. Now that you have the degree, you need to have someone give you a chance to demonstrate that ability.

    Experience? Well, you have the experience of juggling a full-time job (taking care of three children and a house) and at the same time finishing a degree. If you're witty and clever, write a job description from a management supervisory perspective of what is involved in running the household and managing the kids (without giving away precisely what the job is your describing.) If they ask, tell them - but don't put it down on the resume. Let is stand there as your experience, and see what happens.

    A company who thinks it's not witty and worth looking at is probably not a company you want to work for.

    Good luck - remember, you're not selling experience, you're selling talent and energy and enthusiasm and a lot of professional level training. The company that hires you - THEY provide the experience.

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    Leaving the question of what you consider "good paying" open; your best bet is to apply those degree skills in Marketing... to yourself.

    Switch the perspective. WHY would someone like me want to hire you? You should be able to rattle off about four to six snappy reasons.

    Second thought, there are trade associations galore as well as Alumni associations. Don't forget your retail store background. Retail stores have both Marketing Departments as well as Human Resources folks. You may not start at the corner office (suprise, it often takes years in harness to get there) BUT... if you approach it from the angle of "tel me o great one, how did you get to where you are and can you suggest how I might follow in your path?" you will often find that these folks WILL GIVE YOU AN AUDIENCE. When I get approached for things like this, I may not have a job per se at the time I think would make a good "fit" BUT I DO HAVE A ROLODEX. I can hook you up with my peers if you make a good impression.

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