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Is ther any way to tell my computer to block specific cookies?

After I use my computer for a few hours, my internet connection suddenly becomes unbearably slow. I've been told that spyware and adware can cause slowing, so about that point, I scan for this stuff, and I never find anything but a few cookies... which are almost the exact same cookies every time, and all of which represent a "low" risk.

Low or not, it's very annoying to have to wait ten or fifteen minutes for one page to load, so is there a way I can keep these specific files from getting on my computer?


Hmm, that's an interesting plan bikeboy. If I understand you corrently, you want me to go to a site I've never heard of, and upload software I've never heard of to solve a problem on my computer... Hmm, sounds a lot like installing spyware and viruses to me... and even if it's legit, it's just one more annoying program I'll have to figure out how to use. Why not just tell me about using the programs I already have?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In the Privacy Tab under Internet Options, you can change your security level to a different setting. If you go under the Advanced tab, you can make it prompt you before a cookie is added to your system. The prompt is a little bit of a pain because many sites have cookies and you will get prompted a lot.

    Remember that cookies are helpful on some sites such as Yahoo if you don't want to log in fresh each time. You can set up certain sites that you use regularly to save their cookies if you want under the Sites button. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your system is going slow for some other reason. Did you notice that after deleting those cookies your system is working faster? If so you can block those cookies. They can be tracking cookies, but chances are very low for them to be cause for making your system slow. As to how to block cookies. Open up an internet explorer page, click on tools and then click on internet options and then click on the privacy tab. There you'll see a button for sites. Click on that and specify the sites which you do not want to place cookies on your system. However i would suggest you to do an online virus scan for your system. Please visit You will have to download active-x controls and then do a complete virus scan.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    An internet connection can become slow or stop working due to a number of reasons depending on the type of the connection. Many of the problems can be solved by making software changes or small hardware corrections. Detailed instructions at

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can manually block cookies, but i would suggest downloading this program (free):

    it will block most bad cookies and activeX based spyware, HOWEVER, only run it once you are clean, try a free online scan at:

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  • 1 decade ago

    it depends what browser. For Firefox, go to tools, options.

    Go to Privacy, go to Exceptions.

    Type in the website and press block.

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