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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicOther - Entertainment · 1 decade ago

What's the best night club in Ohio?

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    1 decade ago
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    hi emo...

    I'd say it would have to be either in Columbus or in the flats area of Cleveland....Here is a list of clubs in the flats with phone numbers....good luck, and if you're hot you can invite me :-)

    The Beach Club

    Margaritaville on eight cylinders. -- 1064 Old River Road, (216) 241-1202

    The Bottom Line -- American fare, plus a bar and weekend DJs

    (1330 Old River Road, 861-0444)

    Cleveland Beachcomber and Tiki Bar -- The new kid on the East Bank

    (1146 Old River Road Old River Road, 566-9400)

    Club Alchemy -- Club with a relaxed, upscale atmosphere

    (1575 Merwin, 574-8958)

    Flat Iron Cafe

    Corner pub shot and beer joint. -- 1114 Center Street, (216) 696-6968

    Jimmy's in The Flats

    Nouveau Hollywood Boulevard drinking establishment. -- 1061 Old River Road, (216) 566-1460

    Kaos -- Stylish danceclub featuring local and touring DJs

    (1220 Old River Road, 583-5267)

    O'Connors Pub in The Flats

    Eat, drink and be Irish. -- 1017 Old River Road, (216) 771-6782

    River's Edge

    Gear-grinding party-time fun. -- 1198 Old River Road, (216) 696-1198

    Vortex (formerly The Basement)

    Black light posters and loud music. -- 1078 Old River Road, (216) 344-0001


    Club Mega -- A nightclub

    (1800 Scranton Rd, 579-0000)

    Harbor Inn

    A Cleveland cultural icon. Has made the transition from sailor bar, to drinking and darts establishment. -- 1219 Main Ave., (216) 241-3232

    Hoopples River Bed Cafe -- Shot-and-beer joint

    (1930 Columbus Road, 575-0483)

    Howl at the Moon

    Mix two pianos, drinking songs, and public humiliation for a riot of a good time. -- The Powerhouse, (216) 861-4695

    The Improv

    Serious laughs and drinks. -- The Powerhouse, (216) 696-4677

    Jillian's Billiard Club & Café

    Rack 'em up and break. Cleveland's ultimate billiards and beer parlor. -- 1148 Main Ave., (216) 621-9420

    Karma Nightclub

    (The Powerhouse, 2000 Sycamore Street, 781-2500)

    McCarthy's Ale House -- Irish-themed bar that has been a popular Lakewood spot for years has branched out into the Flats, taking over the former Spaghetti Warehouse building.

    (1231 Main St., 344-9099)


    Industrial decor and tunes make for one of The Flats' hippest clubs. -- 2325 Elm Street, (216) 241-4007

    Mirage on the Water

    Disco dance club done up 1990s style. -- 2510 Elm Street, (216) 348-1135

    Pats in the Flats -- Blue-collar beer and rock joint near Tremont

    (W. 3rd & Literary, 621-8044)

    The Powerhouse

    A local landmark. Clubs and stores fill this renovated waterside entertainment complex. -- 2000 Sycamore Street, (216) 861-4080

    The Powerhouse Pub & Flanagan's Wake

    Pay your last respects at this wildly funny and irreverent Irish wake, taking place every weekend. Also home to Men of Steel, an all-male revue -- 2000 Sycamore Street, (216) 861-4982

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  • 1 decade ago

    they're not really that many good ones the most packed is slam jam's, and anything downtown in the flats. just stay away from the beach club they suck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    theres not one....i just go and grind on the hot girls dont know what club im in

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  • idk i dont live there but...

    Source(s): 2pnts thanks!!
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