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whats a good love match for a libra girl ?

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    According to most astrology sites, Aquarius and Gemini's are good matches.

    I am a Libra girl and in my experience:

    I am married to a Gemini for 10 years now. The relationship is a constant challenge, but in a strange exciting way. The sex has never been fabulous, but it's always nice. My gemini hubby is my all time best friend and we have a lot of the same morals and values.

    I have always shared a connection with Capricorns, but the relationships were always fierce and burnt out.

    The love of my life was a Taurus and recently I found out that I was his as well. If not married I would definitely go for it... The sex was always great and there was always an instant connection. We had an incredible longing and need for eachother. But the Taurus liked to play to many games and it got frustrating.

    I was always very attracted to Cancers and they made me laugh. BUT there was too much secrecy and moodiness. Not consistent.

    I was once in a very serious relationship once with an Aquarius and he was a fabulous guy. He had an odd sense of humor and was very dedicated and stable. Looking back, had I stayed with him I would have been happy. But at the time his affection for me was too much and the relationship was a bit boring. I had a flair for more troubling relationships.

    You have to remember as a Libra, you will always want to settle down and are "in love" with love itself. Good Luck!

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    It is a smart romance when Libra and Aquarius pair up! Both enjoy art, music, books and anything else that they can learn from. You may see them staying up way late talking on the phone about a new movie and discussing every little detail! Libra and Aquarius are not big fans of rules or restrictions. They like to have fun, try new things and keep the excitement going! This is an energetic couple with enough enthusiasm to keep the sparks flying for a long, long time!

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    As a Libra, I have usually had the best luck with Aries. I know they say its the opposite, but again the 3 most significant relationships I have had have all been Aries. My husband is my best friend and we have been together for 10 years.

    Friend wise its been across the board, but the worst luck I had was with a taurus. Bull headed!!

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    im a libra girl with a taurus girl, we fight alllll the time but it makes for an interesting relationship, never boring and the sex is great.... dont choose a partner based on what star sign youthink you are compatible with... go for someone who makes you happy

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    I'm a Libra and I'm marrying a Scorpio. It all depends.

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    Cancer/Leo cusp

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    leo and cancers, stay away from capricorn!!!

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    me i´m sagittarius

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    i say cancer

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