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qbfin asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Starting Lineup this weekend in the Finals.?

Cutler or Garcia at QB? 2 WR's - Harrison, Walker or Coles? 2

2 RB's - Westbrook, Alexander, Dayne or Addai? 1 TE - Scheffler, McMichael or Vernon Davis? 1 Defense - Miami or Denver?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Denver is playing San Francisco this week so I would say it is safe to start Cutler who has had at least 2 TD passes a game since his start.San Francisco has a horrible pass rush so feel free to start Cutler over Garcia.Marvin Harrison is a must start every week no matter who the matchup is, I wold also start Javon Walker because of the matchup advantage although Walker and Coles have recently been inconsistent.I would start Tony Scheffler at tight end,has had a TD pass in almost every game since Cutler took over.Play Denver defense, they play great at home and this is a home game for them.They will be all over Alex SMith and co.....hope I helped with your line up...good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cutler hasne't impressed me yet and the niners are a very unreliable team to play against. They'll lose to poor team, then come back and beat the seahawks, so i wouldnt put my season on the back of a rookie cutler. Have to go Garcia. He has been fantastic (with a veteran poise), and going against a struggling falcon defense.

    -Harrison (manning may be rattled by that front line and big jason taylor of the dolphins but u cant go wrong)

    -Coles (he's been terrific lately, look at his stats..go-to guy for pennington and the j.e.t.s jets jets jets!..could roll the dice with walker..they are all great options)

    -Westbrook,Alexander, or -Dayne..all going to be terrific this weekend. I really like Dayne against cleveland though)

    -Scheffler, i guess..doesnt really matter..not any that good but you gotta check out the pass defense they are playing .

    -Denver defense for sure..(key to winning fantasy football. Dont ever start a defense that plays peyton manning. He will light you up!)

    Your team is very good...I may even check matchups and see if there are any other defenses out there.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Harrison & Walker

    Westbrook & Dayne



    Good luck!

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